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Al Howin (NPC)
Area Amakna
Al Howin (NPC)
Location Al Howin's Stewpot
Coords [-1,22]
Details Vegetable Patch
Options Talk

Al Howin (NPC) is an NPC.



My Devhorror! You killed it! It was the masterpiece of my sinister art! The combined fruit of my work, my entrails and my hard work!
It took me years to prepare my revenge, my return my triumph... I spent years exploring the depths of the mysteries of Bwork Magic... Years that have just been stolen!

Ask to leave the dungeon.

Leave here? You? Ha ha ha, you've got your Pumpkwin on the wrong way round, kid! After what you've done, you really think you'll get out of here alive?!
Listen. The stories they tell about me are all true. To keep my status as best farmer in the land, I went from being a modest peasant to a living legend in a matter of hours. Every year, the whole continent remembers my curse. I'm prepared to resort to the blackest magic so as not to lose face... So tell me, are you ready to be used as fertiliser?

Attack Al Howin.

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