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Ancestral Set PiecesEdit

Type/Level/Name Effects
Ancestral Treechelmet

Hat (114)
Ancestral Treechelmet

Ancestral Torc

Amulet (110)
Ancestral Torc

Ancestral Treecape

Cloak (114)
Ancestral Treecape

Ancestral Ring

Ring (113)
Ancestral Ring

Ancestral Treechelt

Belt (111)
Ancestral Treechelt

Ancestral Shin Guards

Boots (110)
Ancestral Shin Guards

Ancestral Set BonusEdit

3 items equipped
2 items equipped

Complete Ancestral Set EffectsEdit

Characteristics Attack Defense Miscellaneous


Crafted by Tailor, Jeweller and Shoemaker Professions.

To craft all elements of this set you will need:

Amount Item
31 Ancestral Amber
31 Ancestral Treechnid Bark
3 Ancestral Treechnid Bud
31 Ancestral Treechnid Root
29 Arachnotron Broken Mask
10 Black Rat Ulna
61 Dark Treechnee Bark
4 Dark Treechnid Amber
40 Dark Treechnid Bark
69 Dark Treechnid Bud
22 Dark Treechnid Root
8 Dark Treechnee Web
10 Greater Bherb Eyebrows
1 Greater Bherb Skin
3 Liroye Merline's Bark
1 Rac Globule
9 Slimy Silk
4 Squashed Arachnee
6 Tourmaline
5 Venerable Treechnid Bark
59 Venerable Treechnid Root
10 White Rat Tooth
4 Smoked Pebble
4 Gleaming Pebble

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