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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Ma Cleopatra at [1,-21]
Other prerequisitesRemarkyble Advice
Recommended level12
Total rewardsLevel-based XP, 436 Kamas, 1 Initiate's Wand
Items required
(not provided by quest)
SequelDevotion to Eniripsa

And One Dizbi Wand, One! is a quest.


Talk to Ma Cleopatra at the Eniripsa statue at [1,-21].


Wisdom has guided you here my friend. I will teach how to treat the worst pains and wounds that ever existed. Even the worst of all: the Cephal Algia. But first of all, you need the right tools that is, a wand. Can we start?

I'm all ears.

Ok, here's what you're going to do: Go and see Touh Flowa, a Sadida friend. He'll give you a Dizbi flower. But for the essence, you'll need the help of Dragonsly, one of my previous student, who's now an Alchemist. Give me your map, I'll show you where Touh Flowa is located. Your compass will guide you.
Good luck.

Ok. Let's go!

Step 1: Dizbi FlowerEdit

You must find some Dizbi flowers if you want your class master to make a staff worthy of its name.

Hey! Wazzza? Want a piece of of my new invention? With this stuff you don't need your wings to get high anymore. But by the way, why did you come here?

Yes, a Dizbi flower

Dizbi flower you said? Yeah! I'm your man! I have exactlt what you need! I know the Eniripsa very well. If you prefer it in tea, Dragonsly should be able to make some up. By the way, it would be great if you could bring some back...

You will receive 1 Dizbi Flower.

Step 2: Dizbi EssenceEdit

The flower won't do as it is; you should make tea with it

Essence of Dizbi, yes, of course! Are you a new apprentice? Whose? Nepra's... ahh... Nepra... hmmm... lovely, isn't she? I remember when I was her student myself, I could have spent hours... *sigh*

Hem! H'm! Am I disturbing you?

Not at all. I'm going to prepare the essence immediately! Humm? Two phials of it? You also need some for Touh the Sadida, don't you? Alright, that's perfect. Anyway, I always have spare ones...Take them and good luck!

That's's very tempting!

What do you mean? Ok! I'm preparing everything at once!... It won't talke long at all... Take it and go away. *grmbl...*

You will lose 1 Dizbi Flower.
You will receive 2 Dizbi Flower Essence.

Step 3: Express DeliveryEdit

You have to take the tea to your guild master so that a staff can be made. If it's possible and if you have time, take some tea to your florist as well, it will make them very happy.

Some Dizbi extract! Wow! If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to ask. Besides, you might be interested in an insurance policy? No? Maybe next time...So, good nap! Ehhhh...luck, I mean, good luck!


Oh jolly good! I can see you have a gift for human relationships, that is a very good thing. I am going to create your wand. *Nepra pours the Dizbi essence onto an ordinary wood stem, which suddenly comes to life again, a flower growing on its end looking just like one of those Dizbi flowers*. Here is your wand! Look after it, it will get you out of tight spots. But speaking of tight spots, here is your first mission...

What is it?

Our Enutrof friends are in trouble. They have discovered things...that have disturbing repercussions. You will find a search party in the tunnels of the town, but don't go there alone! It is not safe. Telll me what you find. And good Luck!


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