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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Ant Emicheun at [5,-18]
Level required10
Other prerequisites
Recommended level
Total rewardsLevel-based XP, 728 Kamas
Items required
(not provided by quest)
RepeatableYes (Between levels 10~17)

Arachnee Sandwich is a repeatable quest.


Talk to Ant Emicheun at [5,-18]


Hum... Hum... Are you sure you're eatin' enough? I'm givin' ye this job out of pity, ye pathetic little coat hanger... haha..

Say that you're genuinely interested.

We make some pretty good sandwiches with Arachnee legs... You're not too picky, are ye? I'd advise ye to carry some with ye if you want to survive! In fact, I'll be needin' some more. Could ye bring me back 10 of the little critters' legs, please? That should be enough. Or, even better! Ye squash 10 of them, and I'll come by after ye and pick up the pulp. I cam make a good sauce out of it.


Step 1: The Beginning of WealthEdit

Collect 10 Sick Arachnees for Ant Emicheun. Or for yourself, whatever you like. In any case you'll make a tidy profit.

Wellllllll! Well done! I think we've come to an agreement! So, we were saying... *he rubs his hands together*


  • Level-based XP (Maximum: 36,338)
  • 728 Kamas

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