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Astrub region Edit

General Edit

Quests started in the Astrub region, typically intended for low-level players just starting out.

Quest Name Requirements Description Total Rewards
Acidrik Gutsplitter's Book Level 1+ Someone's ripped off Acidrik Gutsplitter's new book. Help him find out who... after a beer, of course. 3,000 XP, 300 Kamas

How to Make Friends and Keep Them

Remarkyble Advice Level 1+ You Have to meet a few people who can tell you all about Astrub. 5931 XP, 87 Kamas
Guided Tour of Allister's Castle Level 1+ Allister's Castle is now open. Why not take a look? 11231 XP, 50 Kamas
Nowa's Ark Level 1+ A Pandawa giving away a "Dofus" egg for only two Tofu Eggs? Sounds kind of fishy... How to Be a Perfect Mercenary in Astrub, 3,500 XP, 300 Kamas
Poor TwitTwit Level 1+ Help granny's bird by taking care of the mice scaring it. 50 XP, 30 Kamas
Prisoners of Astrub Level 1+ Help Edgg Komb fight off some Goblin prisoners. Level-based XP, 96 Kamas, 3 Gobball Brain
The Priest And Menalt's Head Level 1+ (2,-12) 3,000 XP, 50 Kamas,

How to Travel Without Ever Losing Your Way

Don't Let the Cat out of the Bag Level 1+ Help out a novice hairdresser. 6,750 XP, 150 Kamas

A Damaged Pair of Scissors

Arachnee sandwich Level 1-3 Gather Arachnee Legs for a hungry Enutrof 350 XP, 75 Kamas
Tofu under the microscope Level 1-3 Investigate Tofus suffering from a mysterious disease. 350 XP, 40 Kamas
Wooly Wool Shearer Level 1+ Show your determination to Gobballeater and win a Gobball Dungeon Key 7,500 XP, 200 Kamas

Gobball Dungeon Key

Endangered beer Level 2+ Someone is disrupting the beer deliveries. 6,000 XP, 3,500 Kamas
The Bow Meow's lament Level 2+ Brighten the day of a very sad Bow Meow. Can intersect with Poor TwitTwit. 7,000 XP
Cra-rachnee arrows Level 4-6 Gather Arachnee Legs for a Poison 750 XP, 75 Kamas
A Touch of Madness in Astrub Level 4+ Eilof Aledec wants to build a shelter to protect himself from the end of the world! 12,000 XP, 500 Kamas
The latest fashion Level 4+ Help the tailor gather materials and get some snazzy new clothes. 17,000 XP, 500 Kamas

Winter Cloak


Kry Babby Level 4+ Bandits have taken Kry Babby's favorite toy. Defeat them and give it back to her. 9,750 XP, 450 Kamas
The difficulty of being a Jeweller Level 4+ Help the jeweller gather materials and get a snazzy ring. 17,000 XP, 1,650 Kamas

Tude Amulet

Tea Ring (proven)

More infectious aged-Aunts! Level 4-5 Investigate Tofus suffering from a mysterious disease, part 2. 750 XP, 75 Kamas
Non Guided Tour Level 5+ Ploddey needs you help mapping far-away areas! 12,000 XP, 50 Kamas

How to Travel Without Ever Losing Your Way

Squirrel hunting Level 5+ Help Louse Degraine defeat the squirrels. 2,500 XP, 20 Kamas
Rat needles... Level 6-7 Gather rat teeth for a sleazy Enutrof 1,500 XP, 100 Kamas
Rat Extermination Level 6 (max level is over 30 but under 39) Some dark creatures are ruining Ant Emicheun's business. The answer would be to get rid of least until he can understand what they are doing here... 2,000 XP, 150 Kamas
In Search of the Missing Enus Level 8+ Rescue the Enutrofs trapped in the cave. 12,000 XP
Delivery problem Level 9+ The baker has trouble with his delivery boy and needs your help. Intersects with A flighty thief. 10,000 XP, 760~950 Kamas
The Plant Dissension Level 10+ Witness the evolution of a new monster. 20,500 XP, 3,000 Kamas
A Bear in the Gobball's House Level 10+ Find out about the hairy beast attacking Don Eaddat's herd. 15,750 XP, 2,500 Kamas
A flighty thief Level 11+ FF7 parody. Help the hero juggle three girlfriends at the same time. 12,000 XP, 750 Kamas
Santho's Lies Level 16+ Help Emia Elliesol solve the problem of moskito larvae in the irrigation system. Level-based XP, 450 Kamas, 3 Wild Sunflower Petal
Uprising Damp Level 16+ Emia Elliesol needs your help again, to fix excess water in the fields. Level-based XP, 256 Kamas, 3 Black Gobbly Leather
Delicatessen Level 20+ Koka Dekolak needs several precise raw materials. 30,000 XP

x10 Lemon Shigekax

x2 Api

Polar Race Level 20+, completed Delicatessen 120,000 XP, 6,000 Kamas

x10 Health Flask

x5 Recall Potion

x10 Ghetto Raid Potion

Load the Mule Level 60+, completed Load the Mule 350,000 XP, 12,560 Kamas

x10 Rye Bread

x10 Mint Shigekax

x5 Recall Potion

x5 Brakmarian Intercity-Express Potion

x5 Bontarian Intercity-Express Potion 2 Api

Trip Around the World Level 31+ Metag the warrior told you about a fantastic powerful relic. But you must show him your value as a warrior before you can continue. Field Dungeon Key and access to The Key Master
The Key Master Level 31+, completed Trip Round the World Key Master gives you keys to complete 4 of the easiest dungeons. 14,020 XP
The Master's Henchmen Level 31+, completed The Key Master Jumbo Mumbo gives you the keys to complete 6 different low-mid level dungeons. 67,480 XP
The Warrior's Path Level 31+, completed Dungeons and Yet More Dungeons Key Master gives you the keys to complete the 6 hardest dungeons in the game. 354,000 XP
Wambo of the Sandbox Level 12+ Defeat Walt Sacurrin. 4943 XP, 72 Kamas
Dark Baker's Treasure Map Quest Map from Dark Baker Get the treasure. Ber Ed Stick
Tricky Flowers Must be an Alchemist level 40+. Orchids grow in the Koalak Mountains, you have to get a lot of them to bring to Maskara. 5,000 XP, 4,000 Kamas
Feed The World Level 31+ You have decided to help Raymond Santho to fight world hunger. x3 Tofu Feather 9,884XP, 144Kamas
Where's the Minotoror?

Class Initiate questsEdit

Each character can undertake the Initiate quest specific to their character's class.

Quest Name Class Description Total Reward
Crâ's knowledge Cra You like children? You will hate this one... 500 XP, 50 Kamas

Initiate's Bow

Forged in a bet. True to the Ecaflip way Ecaflip I bet you 10 Kamas you're looking for adventure! We Ecaflips all understand each others, ain't that right? You're not going to believe this but I just unburdened Kwartzwatch, the Xelor priestess, of 1,000 Kamas ! 1,000 XP

1 Yanguru Sword (female) or 1 Yingnitiate Sword (male)

And One Dizbi Wand, One! Eniripsa Wisdom has guided you here my friend. I will teach how to treat the worst pains and wounds that ever existed. Even the worst of all: the Cephal Algia. But first of all, you need the right tools that is: a wand. Can we start? 900 XP

1 Initiate's Wand

There's One Mole Too Many in My Astrub Enutrof There's one mole too much in my Astrub 700 XP

1 Initiate's Shovel

Be Fecaful! My herd! Feca Allisteria's Gobballs are hungry. They need to be fed : all of them! 700 XP

1 Cereal Bread

The Sword: A User's Guide Iop 500 XP

1 Initiate's Sword

The Enutrofs Are Our Friends Osamodas Help your guild master to find a cure for his Tofus. 1,000 XP

1 Initiate's Hammer

A Statuesque Addiction Pandawa Freshly arrived at Pandala, the Shaman assistant requests you to be a credit to your Goddess: a spiritual offertory would be really kind of you... Your initiation can start. 3,030 XP

Mysteries in Pandala

 ??? Rogue  ???  ??? XP

1 Initiate's Sword

Calm down! Sacrier You suddenly feel the need to learn more about yourself and you decide to go to a bloody place.... The butcher's. 1,000 XP
Introduction to the character of... the Sadidas! Sadida Obtain some Hurry Wood: by sacrificing nature, you will have the opportunity to create a bond with it. 3.000 XP

1 Initiate's Staff

Sram's Hard Work Sram Find Ogivol Scarlacin. You should find the way in to his den through a trap hidden in the ground of the timber yard. 1.000 XP

1 Initiate's Daggers

Futuramakna Xelor It drives me mad! These bloody Ecaflips won their bet again! But I am not going to be had once again by their disgusting luck. You're going to help me and I'll teach you powerful spells! 500 XP

1 Initiate's Hammer

Creature from the Blue Lagoon Foggernaut 17,303 XP, 436 Kamas

1 Initiate's Hammer

Masqueraider Babali and the 40 Rogues Masqueraider 17,303 XP, 436 Kamas

1 Initiate's Staff

Bounties Edit

See Bounty quest.

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