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Bearman Set PiecesEdit

Type/Level/Name Effects
Bearman's Necklace

Amulet (20)
Bearman's Necklace

Bearman's Belt

Belt (20)
Bearman's Belt

Bearman's Boots

Boots (20)
Bearman's Boots

Bearman's Cloak

Cloak (20)
Bearman's Cloak

Bearman's Headgear

Hat (20)
Bearman's Headgear

Bearman's Wedding Ring

Ring (20)
Bearman's Wedding Ring

Bearman's Staff

Staff (20)
Bearman's Staff

  • 3 AP (1 use per turn)
  • Range: 1
  • Crit. Hit Bonus: 5
  • Crit. Hit: 30%
  • None

Bearman Set BonusEdit

2 items equipped

Complete Bearman Set EffectsEdit

Characteristics Attack Defense Miscellaneous


The Bearman Set is a good set for a young Osamodas and Cra to consider. Other Intelligence builds can also benefit from this set.


The Bearman Headdress was an item given out to players who paid for a subscription before the original Dofus beta test ended. These hats all had 30 Vitality and appeared to be part of a two-item set along with the Bearman Cape, which was impossible to acquire at that time. The two-item set is no longer in the game, it has been updated to the version represented above.

As of version 1.13, the Bearman finally began to drop the key resources needed to craft all the items in this set.


Crafted by Tailor, Jeweller, Shoemaker and Carver Professions.

To craft all pieces of this set you will need:

Amount Item
20 Ash Wood
20 Iron
15 Gobball Leather
10 Moskito Eyebrows
10 Sesame Seed
5 Prespic Tail
5 Demonic Rose Saliva
5 Wild Sunflower Leaf
5 Prize Fin
5 Bad Boy Tattoo
5 Arachnee Leg
5 Suntan Lotion
5 Boar Tusk
5 Slimy Scale
5 Tofu Feather
5 Orange Larva Skin
5 Starfish Eyelid
5 Wild Sunflower Seed
5 Flint
5 Prespic Peak
5 Mush Mush Thorn
1 Bear Bone
1 Bear Skin
1 Bear Tooth
1 Bear Hair
1 Bear Fabric
1 Mutilated Bear

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