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Bellus Sel
Area Amakna
Bellus Sel
Location Brouce Boulgoure's Clearing
Coords [10,11]
Options Talk

Bellus Sel is an NPC.



Hi, my name is Bellus. Sel Bellus. I guard this cave. I only let experienced warriors in, those who are able to survive more than 20 seconds in front of the terrible creature which haunts this place... Furthermore, I would like you to bring me four strands of Boar Hair and two of their Tusks. My son asked me to make him a mask but my work keeps me here all the time.

Ask to be let by.

Thanks a lot. Now look at me straight in the eyes. I will be able to see if you have a ghost of a chance of winning against the terrible Boowolf. If so, I'll let you pass.

Take the 'test of the glance'.

Well, at least you seem cocky enough to fight the Boowolf. You can pass.

Enter the cave.


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His name is a pun on Cerberus, the guardian of hell in the Greek Mythology.