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Blacksmith Dungeon
Difficulty 2 Medium
Area Amakna
Subarea Bandit Territory
Coords [13,21]
Key used to enter Blacksmith Dungeon Key
Accepts Bunch of Keys Yes
Rewards Weapon Skill
Exclusive monsters Smiths' Chest
Other details

Blacksmith Dungeon is a dungeon.


Blacksmith Dungeon is found at [13,21] in the Bandit Territory.


Entry requires giving a Blacksmith Dungeon Key to Nathan Heir, which is consumed.


Mobs do not vary. Challenging is possible.

Blacksmith Dungeon Room 1

Room 1

Room 1Edit

Blacksmith Dungeon Room 2

Room 2

Room 2Edit

Room 3Edit

This room contains no monsters, but two doors. Going right will take you directly into Room 4 from there into Room 5. Going left will take you on an alternate route (Rooms 7 to 9) which contains 6 Gold and 4 Bauxite veins as well as the /hi emote room. The mobs you need to fight on the two routes are identical, but the map layouts differ. Both paths reunite in the Last room afterwards.

Blacksmith Dungeon Room 4

Room 4

Blacksmith Dungeon Room 7

Room 7

Room 4 & 7Edit

Blacksmith Dungeon Room 5

Room 5

Blacksmith Dungeon Room 9

Room 9

Room 5 & 9Edit

Blacksmith Dungeon Room 10

Last room

Last RoomEdit


Upon completing the dungeon players will receive the spell Weapon Skill.

It is also the only place to find Smiths' Chest.

It is also possible to get the Hi Emote.

Related AchievementsEdit


Previously, Blacksmith Dungeon had 15 rooms.

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