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Area Amakna
Location Amakna Village
Coords [5,1]
Details Inside Shoemakers' workshop
Options Talk

Bowisse is an NPC.

For the Server of the same name, see Bowisse (server).



Hello, I am Bowisse, the most renowned shoemaker in the Province...and the Grand Master of the Order of the Kicked Ass, a martial speciality of the shoemakers from Amakna.

Buy boots.

I don't sell boots to anybody who passes by, what do you think?

Talk about Klime's Boots.

The famous Boots of Klime...
It's Lee Chainedarpenter, an illustrious but scatterbrained insomniac shoemaker, who tried to make the famous Powerful Boots of Klime one evening... No one knows how he did it. But the first specimens he made were eerily full of power. When he eventually realised what he had done, it was too late...

Ask for the continuation of this palpitating story.

So he called on the Order of the Kicked Ass to exchange, without consent of his customers, these famously over-powerful boots for the Ultrapowerful Boots of Klime... which are just as powerful but more difficult to wear.
The Order of the Kicked Ass had to carry out a large scale operation which was not easy. Many clients noticed the difference in the boots and started to hunt down and to threaten the poor shoemaker. Since then he's left Amakna for good...
Nowadays, it is the Order of the Kicked Ass that operates customer services and helps people who have difficulties wearing their Ultrapowerful Boots of Klime by exchanging them for some Powerful Boots of Klime - a new model which is very fashionable at the moment. If you wish to exchange yours, do not hesitate, come and see me.

Offer assistance.

I need to make a good custard tart with Tofu eggs to celebrate my cousin's return. But I need a Tofu egg. If you bring me one, I will give you one of my Leather Cutters in exchange.

Find out about the Order of the Kicked Ass.

It's very tricky to join this Order.
Hogmeiser used to be the master of the Order of the Kicked Ass but he disappeared several years ago, leaving behind him only his old worn boots.

Ask about these famous boots.

These famous worn boots are really in a sorry state. But a very skillful shoemaker should be able to give them back their original powers and their unique character.

Ask how to find these boots.

Hogmeiser lost his boots during a fierce fight against a Gobball War Chief, the day of the Captain Chafer's panties Celebration... I should add that he was under the influence of substances with uncommon effects.
He woke up the next day, totally naked in the middle of the swamp, without his boots.


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