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A Breeder is someone who captures, takes care of and genetically improve species of mounts. Someone who uses mounts may not necessarily be a breeder. Although originally breeder was going to be a profession, but Ankama decided against this, so it made it an option available to everyone. Therefore this term is not a profession, just a definition.

For a table of the available mounts: see Mounts.
For a table of the combinations required to obtain certain mounts: see Dragoturkey.

General Requirements To Become A BreederEdit

  • You will need various Emotes but you can suffice with just Mad and Bye.
  • You can train your Mount since base level 1 but you will not be able to mount it (use it) until you are at least level 60.
  • Unless you decide to get Mount Certificates from the market and/or stalls, you need to have access to Mount Taming spell and supply yourself with Dragoturkey Capturing Net.
  • You need to have access to Paddocks. (Which requires you to be in Explorer Mode.)

Acquiring A MountEdit

There are two ways of obtaining your first mounts to breed:

  • Buying A Mount
Mounts can be purchased from the Pet Sellrooms in either Bonta or Brakmar. The exchange of a mount can only be done by exchanging a Mount Certificate, and so differs from pets.
  • Capturing A Wild Mount
Complete the Koolich Cavern (Lv. 100+ GREATLY recommended). You must have 50 Kaliptus Leaves and 50 Kaliptus Flowers to exchange at the end of the dungeon for the Mount Taming spell. This spell works just like Soul Capture, but instead of using soul stones, you use Dragoturkey Capturing Nets which can be crafted by handymen.
You must not have a mount equipped if you wish to capture a mount.
Capturing a mount obtains a Wild mount. A Wild mount will never become rideable in any way. You must go through the breeding process to obtain a baby that becomes rideable once its maturity is maxed out.


Once you have purchased or captured your mount, the first step is to place it in a private or public Paddock. If you are just leaving the turkey there to wander around and interact randomly with the breeding items, private Paddocks can raise mounts faster than public ones. However if you are good at using emotes to 'drive' a turkey public paddocks can be more efficient than a cheaply-appointed private paddock because their high-level items give more stats per unit of tiredness, and you must stop training your turkey and put it back in the shed when its tiredness meter is full (shown by the turkey with "Zzz"s coming out).

1 - Preparing Your Mounts 
Maturity must be at maximum and their Stamina and Love bars must be at least 7.500. The mount must also be at least level 5, with the exception of Wild ones who don't require the level. When these requirements are met, a tag in your mount's stat window will appear that says fertile in green. That means it is ready to mate with another fertile dragoturkey of the opposite gender.
2 - Mating 
You must place both the Male and Female mounts in the same Paddock. Now bring the mounts close together in the Paddock using emotes, or just waiting until they move themselves. You will then see a brief animation with a lot of squawking and the Female will become pregnant. Both mounts lose 7.500 of their Love and Stamina and all of their Energy during this process.
You will lose Wild Males after mating as they run back to the wild. You will be left with a Female, which will return to the wild when the gestation time is over if it is wild. After 20 matings a mount will become Sterile, meaning you can no longer breed it.
3 - Gestation Period
During this period you can see how long your mount has been pregnant in its stats window. First generation mount starts with a 49 hours gestation period. Every generation after that adds an additional 12 hours to the gestation period. E.g. Second generation is 61 hours, third is 73 and so forth. You can either place the female pregnant mount inside the Shed or train her back up so that she will be fertile again once she has given birth.
Generation Dragoturkey list Time
1st Almond, Ginger, Golden 49 hours
2nd Almond / Ginger / Golden Striped with 1st Generation 61 hours
3rd Indigo, Ebony 73 hours
4th Indigo / Ebony Striped with 1st or 3rd Generation 85 hours
5th Crimson / Orchid 97 hours
6th Crimson / Orchid Striped with 1st, 3rd or 5th Generation 109 hours
7th Turquoise, Ivory 121 hours
8th Turquoise / Ivory Striped with 1st, 3rd, 5th or 7th Generation 133 hours
9th Emerald, Plum 145 hours
10th Emerald/Plum Striped with 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th or 9th Generation 157 hours
4 - Birthing
In order for the female to give birth to the baby she has to be placed in the shed. Once the gestation time has finished and the female is (placed) in the shed, a message will appear informing you of the birth when you visit the shed. If you do not visit the shed within the next 7 days once the mother is due, the dragoturkey will miscarry and you will lose the baby. Female mounts can give birth to 1-3 babies (2-4 if Reproductive). As of the 2.16 update, the energy levels of the two parent mounts affect the probability of having an extra baby in the following manner:

[(Energy of the female / Maximum Energy of the female) + (Energy of the male / Maximum Energy of the male)] / 2

This comes down to this formula: (Energy percentage of the female + Energy percentage of the male) / 2

Family Tree Icon Family TreesEdit

Breeding a mount is not exact but trial-and-error. The actual colour of mount that is produced is determined by the colour of the parent mounts and their family tree/previous ancestors. Each ancestor shown on the family tree of a mount has the possibility of giving that colour to the newborn - with the probability decreasing the further away you trace back.

The family tree for one mount can have up to 14 ancestors. Combining that with the other parent's family tree when breeding means that obtaining a single mount of a certain colour is very difficult without pure breeds. Pure breeds are mounts with family trees containing the same type (e.g. all ginger) but these themselves take many matings to create.

When talking about family trees, mounts are sometimes called 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation. This refers to how many ancestors for that mount are the same as that mount's colour, starting from the bottom upwards. Therefore:

Generation Ancestors Of Same Colour
1st None - Just the mount: Parents are different colour to mount.
2nd Parents
3rd Parents & Grandparents.
4th (Pure) Parents, Grandparents & Great Grandparents. Whole family tree is the same colour.

'Generation' in this context should not be confused with 'generation' as in the color / type of the mount. To differentiate, the color / type of the mount is normally mentioned in the same sentence when talking about family trees (e.g 'I have a 3rd Generation Golden & Orchid mount').


There are two ways of training your mount:

Leave your mount in a public or private paddock with Breeding Items, such as a patter, thus allowing your mount to gain points in its appropriate area depending on the type of Breeding Item the mount interacts with. This is called Passive mount development and is relatively slow, although as from v1.24 the rate of passive development has been much improved, especially in public paddocks. Your mount's tiredness will decrease slowly over time in a public paddock.
Active mount development uses character emotes to interact with your mount. Place your mount in a public or private paddock with Breeding Items, such as a patter, and use character emotes to call your mount closer to your actual location or to cause the mount to move away from you. The mount response to either come towards you or move to the side is on a cyclical timer and so can be used to control your mount fairly well with practice and correct timing. Also, it is recommended to have the grid display on. Every time the mount interacts with a Breeding Item the Tiredness counter increases by one.

Breeding ItemsEdit

This interactive paddock furniture is created by a Handyman.

Every breeding item has a durability, when a Breeding Item loses all of its durability you can exchange 5 Breeding Items of the same kind with Bobby to get 1 Breeding Item of that kind with full durability. Breeding Items are placed into private paddocks by clicking the magnifying glass icon on a breeding item in a player's inventory, choosing target with this item, then clicking the square where the item should be placed, they can also be dragged to the quick-slot bar for faster placement. A mount must be able to walk at least one square to interact with items. So:

  • Minimum number of breeding items which can be used to enclose a turkey is 3: assuming a corner of the paddock is available to fence the turkey in on the other 2 sides. (Note: On certain paddocks there are already "blocks" to prevent the dragoturkeys from moving around. Meaning you could use as few as 2 to enclose a turkey.)
  • The fastest-working configuration is 6 items arranged around 2 open squares for the turkey to walk on.

The turkey's placement into the paddock cannot be controlled so it is necessary to place some of the items, lure the turkey into place with emotes, then 'trap' it there by placing the last breeding item.

(Tip: People will sometimes try to sell exhausted items, be careful not to buy empty ones.)

Emote EffectsEdit

Luring Emotes Deterring Emotes
Emote Effect Emote Effect
Bye Lures 1 square closer. Mad Retreats 1 square further away.
Applaud Lures 2~3 square closer. Fart Retreats 2~3 square further away.
Kiss Lures 4~7 square closer. Show Weapon Retreats 4~7 square further away.

Depending on what emote you use, the mount will either move away from you or towards you. There is also a possibility that the mount will move in a random direction.

General CharacteristicsEdit

There are two characteristics which nearly all mount users will be concerned by:

Energy (Mount) EnergyEdit

  • Changing maps uses up 1 energy/per map,
  • Changing dungeon rooms uses 1 energy/per room,
  • Using Teleports (Zaaps, Potions, etc.) uses up 1 energy/per teleport.

You can regain energy through the use of Mangers or a faster, cheaper, and/or easier way is to feed your mount with raw fish, raw meat, gutted fish, preserved meat, Kaliptus Leafs, and/or Kaliptus Flowers by clicking on the 'Feed mount' button on the Mount menu. However, this can take a LOT of food - each one only gives the turkey 10 energy. Mounts have different maximum energy, but it is generally at least 1,000. The maximum amount of energy increases as your mount's level goes up. Tip: Gutted fish generally take up 1/3 less pods in inventory and can be found cheaper than fresh fish.


Experience is not trained with a breeding item but instead by fighting while mounted on your turkey. You obtain experience by having the mount equipped (you will be riding it as displayed in normal window). The experience gain is deducted from the corresponding character experience, with guild tax being deducted first. Mounts now gain a static 20% experience from fights even when set to zero.


Abilities are special traits that a mount may have. The majority of mounts do not have an ability. Dragoturkeys are born with their abilities, they can't be changed after that. A parent has a 10% chance of passing an ability on to their baby. On top of that, there is a small chance that a baby may be born with a random new ability (except Chameleon).

Ability Effect
Precocious Gains 2x maturity.
In Love Gains 2x love. Only relevant to breeders.
Hardy Gains 2x stamina. Only relevant to breeders.
Tireless Has 2x max energy.
Wise Gains 2x exp per battle.
Loadbearer Has 2x pods.
Genetically Predisposed Has more % chance to produce striped babies. It's possible to pass it down from a father to child. Only relevant to breeders.
Reproductive Has 2 to 4 babies per birth, which only is effective in females, although males can have the ability as well. Its possible to pass it down from a father to child. Only relevant to breeders.
Chameleon It causes the dragoturkey to match its rider's colors instead of being the colors of its species. This capacity can not appear randomly, but it is possible to pass it on from parents to their babies. Breedable Chameleon turkeys can be obtained by buying a subscription to the Dofus magazine from the Ankama Shop.

A dragoturkey can have up to two abilities at the same time, but a doubling of the same capacity does not further benefit that mount (i.e., a double Loadbearer dragoturkey will hold just as many pods as a dragoturkey of the same color and level with only a single Loadbearer ability listing).

Breeding CharacteristicsEdit

There are 5 characteristics that are related to breeding; of which 4 can be trained via breeding items and 1 non-trainable or negatively-trainable stat:

Balance / State Edit

The Balance bar is a crucial bar as it will determine what other stat you can raise. To see the current balance just hover your mouse over the bar the number, in the middle is your balance number. By moving the 'Balance' bar to the left (aggressive ranges from -10,000 to -1) you will be able to raise the Stamina bar. By moving the 'Balance' bar to the Right (serene ranges from +1 to +10,000) you will be able to raise the Love bar. By keeping the 'Balance' bar balanced ( between -2,000 to +2,000) you will be able to raise Maturity.

Females and Males have a different random bonus caused by the use of any breeding item. Females can randomly gain balance by gaining points in serenity, while Males will randomly lose balance by gaining points in aggression.

Stamina StaminaEdit

Before you can raise Stamina, Balance must be Aggressive (between -10,000 to -1).

To raise Stamina use a Lightning Thrower.
  • Female mounts ~ gains serenity with each use.
  • Male mounts ~ gains aggression with each use.

Maturity MaturityEdit

Before you can raise Maturity, Balance must be between -2000 to 2000 points. Mounts have a different maximum maturity which is based on their generation number multiplied by 1000, except for the Golden Dragoturkey which is 10000. For instance a Crimson Dragoturkey is 5th generation and has a max maturity of 5000.

To raise Maturity use a Drinking Trough.
  • Female mounts ~ gains serenity with each use.
  • Male mounts ~ gains aggression with each use.

Love LoveEdit

Before you can raise Love, Balance must be in the third bracket which is between 1 to 10,000.

To raise Love use a Dragobutt.
  • Female mounts ~ gains serenity with each use.
  • Male mounts ~ gains aggression with each use

Tiredness TirednessEdit

This bar increases whenever a mount interacts with an item in a paddock. In order to lower this bar the mount must be out of the paddock, either equipped or left in the shed. It will lose 10 points per hour, so when the bar is full it will take 24 hours to return to 0. Tiredness can also be depleted now by leaving it in the paddock. It will automatically lose tiredness as normal and will go back up once it has used the breeding items again. Therefore the most efficient way to acquire stat points is by leaving it in with the breeding items until it has the desired stats.

Your mount gains higher stats per item use depending on how tired it is.

Public Paddocks LocationsEdit

Below is a list of public paddock locations and their Breeding Items:

City Brakmar Bonta
Nearest Zaapi Pet Sellrooms Pet Sellrooms
Characteristic Breeding Items Coords
Aggressive Aggressivity (Lower Balance) Bamboo Slapper (-32,38) (-38,-57)
Serenity (breeding) Serenity (Raise Balance) Evil Tofu Feather Patter (-30,38) (-37,-57)
Stamina Stamina Bamboo Lightning Thrower (-31,38) (-38,-56)
Maturity Maturity Bamboo Drinking Trough (-31,37) (-36,-57)
Love Love Purple Bwork Leather Dragobutt (-30,37) (-37,-56)
Energy (Mount) Energy Bamboo Manger (-32,37) (-37,-58)
Public Paddocks

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