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Captain Amakna
Area Amakna
Captain Amakna
Location Amakna Village
Coords [0,-0]
Options Talk

Captain Amakna is an NPC.



Hi there, adventurer. Respect the law, watch your language and brush your teeth twice a day. Any man don't brush his teeth twice a day spends a night in the box.

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I am Captain Amakna, protector of Allister's kingdom! i defend the oppressed, maintain law and order, and punch bad guys in the chops. I travel the World of Twelve chasing notorious villains and tin-pot tyrants. If it weren't for me, the whole world would be in a real pickle. I'm not looking for gratitude, though, oh no. I ask for no rewards. *looks off into the distance with a surly expression on his face* In short, I'm a superhero!

Ask if he needs a hand.

Hmm... Come to think of it, I have been pretty busy since I came back. I was in Frigost for a while chasing after Sylargh, and I kind of neglected my duties in Amakna Village. The criminals made the most of my absence to develop their illicit activities. There are way more of them to catch one of the good-for-nothings before another one sidles up to take his place! My sidekick Bunky helps me, of course, but we can't be everywhere at once...

Keep listening.

That's why I decided to recruit adventurers to help me out! You look like a strapping young thing. How would you like to join my super-helpers? If you pass the physical aptitude test, you're hired!

Refuse and leave.


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