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Casper Van Brushing
Area Amakna
Casper Van Brushing
Location The Milicluster
Coords (-1,5)
Details Inside Miners' Workshop
Options Talk

Casper Van Brushing is an NPC.



Woohoo! I'm so pleased someone's come to visit me! It's not often I've company in this part of Amakna. In fact, I'm so pleased, I'll answer your questions, no matter how stupid they are.

Ask about a solid helmet.

Hard hats are not compulsory in the mines but it's strongly recommended. I've just invented a stronger type of hard hat. All you have to do is to collect 10 Black Gobball leathers, 10 Flax Strings, 5 units of Gobball Wool and, of course, the help of a good tailor.

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