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Chaferfu (NPC)
Area Amakna
Chaferfu (NPC)
Location Skeleton Dungeon
Coords [10,15]
Details End of Dungeon
Options Talk

Chaferfu (NPC) is an NPC.



Oh! Somebody... Go away! No, come back!... What's your name? I've been in for 5 years... You?
Why are you staring at me like that? I lost my memory... I remember how it happened very clearly... anyway... Commander Chaferfu my Captain??!! I have a secret, sir, do you want to hear it ?

Ask for the secret
Who told you I have a secret? You're spying on me, aren't you? You want to know the secret of the Chaferfu Summoning, is that right?
Ask to learn the Chaferfu's summoning
So you know the summoning of the cross-stitc... I mean the summoning of the Chaferfu... Chaferfu said... say "Hello!"
Say "Hello!"
(learn the spell, exit dungeon)
Say "Good bye!"
(returns you to the beginning of the conversation)
Don't ask to learn the Chaferfu's summoning
Learn what? You want to learn how to knit? You've come to the right place. I mean no! You've come to the WRONG place. I only do embroidery! It's my secret talent... Do you want to learn my secret talent, too?
  • Ask for the secret
(returns you to the second dialog)


Teaches spell