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Chameleon is a capacity, a special trait a dragoturkey can have. Mounts with the Chameleon capacity change their colours according to the rider's colour. Any regular breed of dragoturkey can have the Chameleon trait; the mount's appearance is thus not linked to the characteristics it gives.


Chameleon is the only capacity which can not appear randomly on a dragoturkey baby. Instead, it has to be inherited from a parent with the same capacity.
The first Chameleon dragoturkeys were obtained by using an Acidrik Gutsplitter lottery token which came with the Dofus Mag HS 1 (only available in French). This magazine is currently out of print. However, original lottery Chameleon dragoturkeys can once again be obtained by buying a 1-year subscription to the English Dofus magazine.
All lottery Chameleon dragoturkeys are breedable Ginger dragoturkeys with a blank family tree.


Chameleon ability

The trait can appear on any breed of dragoturkey and is then shown in the turkey's 'Ability' tab.
In a paddock the dragoturkey will have the natural appearance of its breed. The Chameleon capacity only changes the appearance when a rider mounts the dragoturkey. It will then use the character's colours.
This does not change the characteristics of the dragoturkey. A Chameleon mount will always give the same characteristics as a mount of the same breed and level without any capacity.



Chameleon appearance

A Chameleon dragoturkey has three colours which are taken from the character who rides it. These colours are always arranged in the same pattern, i.e. they can be predicted by just looking at the character.

Chameleon appearance colours

Regardless of the class, the colours always have the same location in the character creation screen.

  • The dragoturkey's base skin takes up the colour at the bottom left of the colour selection screen (marked with 1 in the picture).
  • The dragoturkey's stripes take up the the colour at the top right of the colour selection screen (marked with 2 in the picture).
  • The dragoturkey's legs take up the colour at the bottom right of the colour selection screen (marked with 3 in the picture).

The other two colours of the character are not relevant for a Chameleon.


Chameleons and the various classesEdit

If you do not know the order of your character's colours in the char creation screen, you can still predict them by using this class colour guide.
The resulting Chameleon of any of these examples will look like the dragoturkey shown above - it will be white with blue stripes and orange legs. Bear in mind that the other two colours (in the examples shown here: always black) don't have any influence on the Chameleon mount.

Class Female Male
Cra Chameleon cra female Chameleon cra male
Ecaflip Chameleon eca female Chameleon eca male
Eniripsa Chameleon eni female Chameleon eni male
Enutrof Chameleon enu female Chameleon enu male
Feca Chameleon feca female Chameleon feca male
Iop Chameleon iop female Chameleon iop male
Masqueraider Chameleon masq female Chameleon masq male
Osamodas Chameleon osa female Chameleon osa male
Pandawa Chameleon panda female Chameleon panda male
Rogue Chameleon rogue female Chameleon rogue male
Sacrier Chameleon sac female Chameleon sac male
Sadida Chameleon sadi female Chameleon sadi male
Sram Chameleon sram female Chameleon sram male
Xelor Chameleon xelor female Chameleon xelor male

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