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Characteristic Scroll is a Usable Item.

See also: Characteristic Food

Characteristic Scrolls are single-use items that give additional characteristic points.

There are four types of scrolls for each characteristic: small, medium, great and powerful:

Type Increase Stat less than
Small 1 25
Medium 1 50
Great 1 80
Powerful 2 100


Characteristic scrolls can be obtained by:

Characteristic scrolls can be sold and bought at the Scroll markets of Bonta at (-33,-58) and Brakmar at (-28,37).

There are also Characteristic Food items that work exactly like characteristic scrolls.

Exchanging DragoturkeysEdit

See Mounded Ghard.

Exchanging DoploonsEdit

You can buy Characteristic Scrolls from Temple Merchants at any Class Temple for Doploons as follows:

Scroll Doploons
Small (1) 20
Medium (1) 60
Great (1) 140
Powerful (1) 340


You can only raise a characteristic up to 100 using scrolls. Scrolled points are independent of raised characteristic points.

Many players scroll non-primary characteristics as well as their primary build characteristic, most notably vitality, wisdom (AP & MP loss resistance and better experience gain) and agility (dodge and lock). Agility characters often scroll strength to meet the requirements for daggers.

F2P players can also use scrolls, although they cannot buy them from the Temple Merchant because he is in a P2P area. Scroll sellrooms are also in P2P areas only. Therefore, the only way a F2P player can get characteristic scrolls is from P2P players and P2P merchants in a F2P area.

Although in general the lower types of scrolls cost less money, in some cases using powerful scrolls could be more economical depending on the price of the scrolls at the time.

It takes 9600 Doploons to fully scroll a stat to 100 (25 small = 500, 25 medium = 1500, 30 great = 4200 and 10 powerful = 3400).


Before patch 2.7 it was possible to exchange materials/items for characteristic scrolls. This is no longer possible.

The table is no longer relevant, and is merely left for historical purposes.

Stat Type NPC Coords Resource
Vitality Small Ariz (4,5) 100 Bluish Jelly
Small Hugo Bello (12,5) 100 Boar Tusk
Medium Quincy Praïze (3,-1) 80 Bluish Jelly, 30 Mint Jelly
Great Ness Laye (3,1) 60 Bluish Jelly, 20 Mint Jelly, 25 Strawberry Jelly
Powerful Lou Pachoups (0,-2) 60 Bluish Jelly, 25 Mint Jelly, 30 Strawberry Jelly, 1 Royal Bluish Jelly, 1 Royal Strawberry Jelly
Wisdom Small Teha Chicks (10,3) 100 Mushroom
Small Zeurg (8,2) 100 Gobball Horn
Medium Jimmy Rasta (10,6) 80 Mushroom, 60 Wild Sunflower Seed
Great Aga Dou (1,1) 90 Mushroom, 70 Wild Sunflower Seed, 40 Hemp Seed
Powerful Lanseuft of Troille (-2,14) 90 Mushroom, 75 Wild Sunflower Seed, 60 Hemp Seed, 200 Moskito Wings
Strength Small Ronsha (1,-2) 80 Prespic Peak
Small Rish Claymore (1,3) 100 Mush Mush Thorn
Small Kipling Kaykes (2,0) 100 Blue Larva Skin
Medium Ian Ozenthroat (-2,-3) 70 Prespic Peak, 70 Crab Pincer
Great Heul Leise (8,-2) 70 Prespic Peak, 75 Crab Pincer, 40 Rib Chops
Powerful Ian Ozenthroat (-2,-3) 75 Prespic Peak, 75 Crab Pincer, 45 Rib Chops, 30 Flint
Intelligence Small Elya Wood (7,1) 100 Chance Belt
Medium Eowine Fiole (0,5) 50 Blue Larva Skin, 40 Orange Larva Skin, 40 Green Larva Skin
Great Drogho Cralasar (5,4) 45 Blue Larva Skin, 45 Orange Larva Skin, 45 Green Larva Skin,
30 Evil Tofu Wing
Powerful Ozen the Wise (2,2) 60 Blue Larva Skin, 50 Orange Larva Skin, 50 Green Larva Skin,
40 Evil Tofu Wing, 30 Vampyre Blood
Chance Small Ali Akelle (2,-2) 80 Arachnee Leg
Small Azra Lazarus (0,2) 1 Lumberjack Amulet
Medium Koussein Trengon (4,8) 90 Arachnee Leg, 65 Five-Leaf Clover
Great Otomai's Assistant (-2,-4) 75 Arachnee Leg, 60 Five-Leaf Clover, 40 Karne Nail
Powerful Bolzano Vieilletrasse (2,5) 60 Arachnee Leg, 55 Five-Leaf Clover, 40 Karne Nail, 15 Boowolf Tail
Agility Small Edrige Valling (0,3) 100 Nimble Ring
Medium Owlin Mad (2,17) 70 Acorn
Medium Max (8,-2) 70 Acorn, 70 Evil Dandelion Tongue
Great Lee Aibig (3,4) 75 Acorn, 75 Evil Dandelion Tongue, 70 Demonic Rose Petal
Powerful Lee Aibig (3,4) 80 Acorn, 80 Evil Dandelion Tongue, 80 Demonic Rose Petal, 20 Mush Mush Sporm