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Charlie Endstown-Smisse
Area Amakna
Charlie Endstown-Smisse
Location Amakna Village
Coords (-1,2)
Details Inside Smiths' Workshop
Options Talk

Charlie Endstown-Smisse is an NPC. Formerly known as Hanniball Smisse.



Hi, I'm Charlie Endstown-Smisse, the Grand Blacksmith of a renowned secret team. I've not seen my comrades since our last secret operation, though. Try to find them and get back to me as soon as possible.

Find out more about his activities

Recently I've wanted to expand my activities. I've amassed quite a few Kamas thanks to my famil... ahem... thanks to my Smith profession. I've decided to invest them in the holiday trade and so I bought a share in Charlie's Agents!
What with the rediscovery of Frigost and the services offered by the Eco Flagship Company, Charlie's Agents isn't making any any profit. It needed a strong man to sort the situation out. Someone like me!
Today, people want to fight, they're thrill seekers! That's why I've decided to offer a brand new "Adventure Destinations" . For people looking for action, Charlie's Agents is your last chance to get a last minute deal!

Listen to the second suggested Adventure Destination.

Hmm... A little bird tells me you're bored, am I right? You're in luck, my friend, I've got just what you need!
Charlie's Agents offers a unique activity: the self-guided tour of a real Haunted House! Those addicted to cleaning or allergic to dust should look elsewhere!
Once you're there, speak to the Lovely Chafer Organiser in front of the entrance. Make no bones about it, and be sure to what he tells you.

Accept. (Starts Ghost-on-Ghost Action)
Listen to the third suggested Adventure Destination.

Do you feel like getting a bit of exercise? Getting some distance? Letting off steam in the fresh air?
I've got just the thing for you! A new rambling circuit at Crackler Mountain, where you can see Kwaks in their natural habitat. Great for budding ornithologists!
Be warned though, this is no walk in the park! The Kwaks like to enforce a clear pecking order! They're not Piwis after all!
Interested? Perfect! Go and see out Lovely Organiser Kwakerbak for the formalities.

Accept. (Starts The Ascension)
Listen to the first suggested Adventure Destination.

Ah, so you're looking for thrills! What a coincidence! Charlie's Agents offers a full-board stay in a charming Kanniball Village. The programme includes workshops in how to make traditional masks, an introduction to traditional fighting techniques and discovering the local cuisine!
To register, simply visit our Lovely Kanniball Organiser on Moon Island! He will be delighted to eat... errm... help you!

Accept. (starts Canny Balls)


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The former name, Hanniball Smisse, was a reference to Col. John "Hannibal" Smith, a character from The A-Team TV series. The current name, Charlie Endstown-Smisse is a reference to Charles "Charlie" Townsend, a character from Charlie's Angels.

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