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Charming Squirrel
Area Amakna
Charming Squirrel
Location The Dreggon Peninsula
Coords (-6,32)
Options Talk

Charming Squirrel is an NPC. Formerly known as Seductive squirrel. Not to be confused with the old Charming squirrel (now: Endearing Squirrel.)



Whik livik wititik ivik biknik jilis, is likik tik ink whik slips wititik ink limp. Hik cinik fik tik irik cimiknik ti hik hik, bik cinik nik sik ik.

(Who lives without having been jealous, is like the one who sleeps without a lamp. He can feel the arm coming to hit him, but can not see it.)


This is a quote from the French poet Alfred de Musset:

Qui vit sans jalousie, en ce bas monde, est comme celui qui dort sans lampe ; il peut sentir le bras qui vient pour le frapper, mais il ne le voit pas.

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