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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Tellih'Gent Nhin at (0,3)
Other prerequisites
Recommended level2
Total rewardsLevel-based XP, 6 Kamas, 1 Magical Cure
Items required
(not provided by quest)
SequelZaap Away!

Chit-Chat is a quest.


Talk to Tellih'Gent Nhin at (0,3).


Hey there! I'm glad to see a new face! Let me introduce myself... my name is Tellih'Gent. Aha, that's not a very popular name around here, I can tell you, though I met a Sadida with the same name once. We didn't talk for very long, but I could tell he was a nice person. He fell asleep after a while, so I left. Imagine that, fell asleep. Must have been sick! Ho! That reminds me of a funny story that happened a long time ago while I was napping myself. Do you want to hear it?

  • Well, that is to say that...
  • I don't have the...
  • I'm in a hurry...
Ahhh! I knew this story would interest you. Let's start from the start. Years ago, I was venturing in the Pandawïan badlands when I suddenly started to cough. I couldn't stop and I though I had caught some kind of... but then I kicked a piece of grass and there was a stone right under my foot, so I used the stone to make some pea soup...
  • It's very interesting but...
Yes, yes, I know... I'll continue if you really want me to. So anyway, after all this, I finally made it to the grocery... Negotiations were quite intense, I can tell you... I remember paying four Kamas for a week-old turnip... 'Well,' I said to the shopkeeper, 'that's a turnip for the books' hahaha!!!
  • Zzz... Zzz... Zzz...
I was eating a bowl of hot soap... no, what am I saying I was eating a big bowl of soup... that was funny. because just before, ah yes I remember, just before I had shaved my...
  • Huh? What?
Look at me... talking and talking and I didn't even ask what you were here for!
  • Well, nothing really. Your story made me wish I were dead.
  • Actually, I was wondering if you might have some work for me to do.
Work? Oh no, I don't have anything like that... But wait, I think that my aunt Babblera needs some strong arms from time to time. Let me warn you though, she's unbelievably talkative. Every time I go to visit her, I end up staying the night. My god, the woman has no manners.
  • Argh! I'm not sure I want to risk it.
I know what you mean... I mean, if you have the time to stand around talking all day, well you must have very little to do! Ah yes, some folk just talk and talk and talk... What were we... ah yes... go talk to my cousin Postor Nhin, you never know.
  • I'm leaving.

Step 1: Find a JobEdit

Postor Nhin must have a job for you.


Hello, can I help you?

Say that you're looking for a job and that Tellih'Gent Nhin sent you.

I've got a little mission for you... if you think you're up to it. How do you like delivering things?


Here is a recipe that I need you to take to my client, Babblera. She'll pay you when she gets it.

Go and deliver the recipe.

Level-based XP, 6 Kamas

Step 2: A Recipe for BabbleraEdit

Babblera is waiting for the Astrub pancake recipe so that she can prepare something for her grand children.

1 Magical Cure