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Coco Blop Set Elements Edit

Type/Level/Name Effects
Amulet (50)
Coco Amublop
Belt (50)
Coco Blop Belt
Boots (50)
Coco Bloopts
Ring (50)
Coco Blop Ring

Coco Blop Set Bonus Edit

Number of items equipped:

Items Bonus
1 No bonus
2 60% Earth weakness, 5% Resist fire, 5% Resist water, 10% Resist air, 5% Resist neutral, +10 Vitality, +10 Agility
3 55% Earth weakness, 10% Resist fire, 10% Resist water, 20% Resist air, 10% Resist neutral, +30 Vitality, +30 Agility
4 50% Earth weakness, 15% Resist fire, 15% Resist water, 30% Resist air, 15% Resist neutral, +50 Vitality, +50 Agility +1 AP

Complete Coco Blop Set Effects Edit

Characteristics Attack Defense Miscellaneous


To craft all elements of this set you will need:

Number Item
200 Blop Pollen
1 Blopshroom Flower
1 Boar Hooves
40 Coco Blop Flower
2 Greedoblop Flower
200 Piece of Coco Blop
1 Pippin
1 Prespic Belt
4 Royal Blop Leaf
1 Satisfied Summoner's Ring
1 Trunkiblop Root

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