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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Ticra
Level required1
Other prerequisitesCra
Recommended level1
Total rewards500 XP, 50 Kamas, Initiate's Bow
Items required
(not provided by quest)

Crâ's knowledge is a quest.


Talk to Ticra

Hey you! Dad wants to talk to you...he's over there, south of here, by the lake... Wait, I'll show you on your map.

OK! I'm on my way!

Step 1: Run Forest!Edit


Hey, I sent my kid to pick you up. She's full of energy you know, and so strong... Just like her father, ain't that right chicken? I'm representing the Cras at the Astrub Council. And I'll need you help.

Astrub's advice? * This Cra seems to be an important character*

You see, I can't leave my little girl alone while I'm away. And she can't come with me either, she'd only disturb everyone, including me! I have a favour to ask you. Can you look after her for a few minutes. I won't be long...

Accept to look after his daughter
Explain to him that you're not a baby-sitter

I understand. In that case, I'm sorry for you. If you change your mind, you know where to find me.

End dialogue.

Step 2: Ah-Bow-Cra-DabbleEdit


I think daddy's back from his meeting, he went back over to near the lake. Thanks again for the Arachnee.

  • Go and see Setsinbol

Thank you very much! This meeting was of the highest importance. Take these Kamas as a reward. Come back whenever you want. I will give you some of my precious time.


Ah, I can imagine. This meeting was of great importance. To thank you, I'm going to teach you the art of the Cras. What do you mean? I don't look like a warrior? It's not fashionable to look like a warrior anymore! A Gobball set, now that's class. Plus, it's a real lady magnet... ha ha...Sorry, I'm wandering!

Try to focus on the discussion on your reward

I'm going to teach you how to shoot... with a bow. Nice reward, huh? But before we start, you need a bow! I don't have enough time, but Ticra will help you. You'll see, she's almost as handy as I am... almost...

Try to focus on the discussion on the bow.

You need to ask our famous Lumberjack Oli Venders for some wood, then ring it to the bow tailor. After that, go and take some Gobball wool, Allisteria the shepherdess will be glad to give you some. She has a soft spot for me... Then you'll just have to bring everything to my daughter, she will make you a simple bow to start with.

End dialogue.

Plain wood, not even carved, no detail? It's depressing! Well look now kid, I'm going to slip you some good wood.

Thank you, I'll keep that in mind
You gain 1 Hurrywood

You're here for Setsinbol, right. I love that guy... So you want some Gobball wool too, right? Well, you're lucky, I only gotta bit left. Here, take it, it's a present.

Thank her and take the wool

Hey, no problem... If I was you, I'd go see Enileda. She can make you a nice bow and everything.

End dialogue.

(You gain 1 Gobball Wool)


Hummm... let me think... if you show me your wooden piece like that, it's certainly because you want a bow job? Alright... but you'll have to hand over quite a few Kamas!

Tell him about Setsinbol

Is it my beloved Secsinbol who sent you? All right I'll do it for free, but only this once! I hope it's good wood, is it?

Give the wood

That's a nice piece you've got here! Well, it won't take long... Come back to see me in a minute...

End dialogue.

Here is the masterpiece... The string isn't too tight, but it's OK for a beginner. Now you just need someone who would agree to teach you the art. My beloved Setsimbol will be perfect... but everyone knows that his daughter Ticra is the best.

Thank her and leave
You gain 1 Small Twiggy Bow

So I have to make you a bow, huh? Did you bring the bow and the wool?

Show what you have

Great! Come back in 5 minutes. I'm going to make you a great bow...

End dialogue.

Your bow's ready! I don't think Enileda's bows are that fast so I've replaced the string with Gobball wool that I braided three times. This way, you can be sure it'll stay tight... Here, now you got a good bow. So, I'm finally goin' to be able to teach you how to shoot. Let's have a try. Be careful, it's pretty hard to handle at first...

Try the bow

Step 3: CratastropheEdit


Woah, what do you want me to do with that bow? Do I look like an archer to you?

Explain the problem

Hum... I think I'll be able to help you. I'm going to use a potion to stiffen the string. Then, you'll see how precise your bow will be. Stay here, I'll do that right now.

Thank him and take the bow

So, did you bring the bow to Dragonsly?

Show her the bow


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