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An Agility Cra build.

Agility Cras, while not the strongest Cra build, They have a choice of useful abilities. Amongst these are: life steal, spells without line of sight and pushback.


  1. Scroll Agility to 101 if possible.
  2. Raise Agility to 200.
  3. You should aim to fully scroll Wisdom and Vitality, if you haven't already done so.
  4. Raise either Agility for more damage (Though the 5:1 soft caps is quite harsh) or Wisdom (To level faster).
  5. You should also aim to fully scroll all of your other stats.


Raising SpellsEdit


Leveling GuideEdit

A general leveling guide can be found here.

At all levels killing the Class Dopples and doing the An Excessive Baker's Dozen quest can give okay XP.

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