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The Intelligence-based Cra build (commonly known as "Int Cra") is one of the primary builds of the Cra class, largely due to its relatively high power in the early levels, and relative ease and simplicity in leveling. This build relies on Magic Arrow and Burning Arrow (obtained at level 1 and 6 respectively) for a very long time because you do not receive a stronger fire-damage spell until Explosive Arrow at level 90. This makes the Intelligence-based Cra relatively weaker in the middle levels while other classes and builds get stronger spells in their specialized element. However, after receiving Explosive Arrow, the Intelligence-based Cra becomes significantly more powerful. Therefore, the primary goal of Int Cras is to reach level 90 as soon as possible.

Int Cras are great solo hunters. With Explosive Arrow, they can hunt large mobs of low-mid level monsters effectively to collect materials for professions. In solo PvP, however, Int Cras are significantly disadvantaged at end-game levels because of the limited availability of weapons for being int based in addition to the general weakness of the Cra class in PvP.

Thanks to high intelligence, Int Cras can make good use of non-class spells such as Lightning Strike (AoE fire spell) and Cawwot (healing spell). Int Cras could also play the role of healer using Boogey Wand and Golden Scarabugly Wand because intelligence enhances the healing effect of them. Other than these and greater initiative, however, Int Cra's high intelligence does not offer any direct bonus like healing boost for Eni and damage reduction for Xelor's Mummification and Feca's armor. (It's noteworthy that the effect of the armor spells that Fecas cast on Int Cras are increased by the amount of intelligence that Int Cras have).

Characteristic PointsEdit

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Raising CharacteristicsEdit

The basic approach is to devote all characteristic points to Intelligence, at least until 150, and scroll the other characteristics. Beyond 150 when the rate becomes 3 points for 1 intelligence, some choose to spend points on other characteristics, while others keep raising int all the way. A pure int build with other stats just scrolled is still a very formidable character.

Like other classes, many cras choose to raise wisdom in addition to intelligence to improve experience gain and resistance against AP and MP loss, which is important against Fecas and Xelors in PvP as well as monsters with AP/MP draining attack. Wisdom also makes Frozen Arrow's AP draining and Paralyzing Arrow's MP draining more effective. This guide officially suggests just scrolling wisdom.

Some Int Cras raise vitality, which is also advantageous in PvP. Even so, the 5 HP that you get every level combined with push back spells mean that you probably won't need the vitality so long as you play more conservatively when needed. Some gear (notably the Fire Kwakblade) requires some vitality. Since the requirements are still scrollable, it is suggested that you still only scroll vitality.

Some raise agility for higher Dodge, Lock, and Critical Hits for spells such as Lashing Arrow and weapon attacks. However, you could also get the required agility points for such purposes from scrolling and agility bonus from equipment although it will cost both kamas and time.


Spell GuideEdit

Spell Guide InformationEdit

Magic Arrow, Burning Arrow, and Frozen Arrow are the key attack spells for Int Cras for a very long time. Until you reach level 20 or so, your main attack will be a single shot of Magic or Burning. From around level 20, you can shoot one each of Magic/Burning and Frozen in one turn thanks to 7 AP from the Gobball Set. From around level 40s, you can shoot 2 Magic/Burning Arrows with a 8 AP set (see Sets). Use Burning when two or more monsters are in line. Use Distant Shooting in the first turn to boost your range.

Start with leveling Magic Arrow to 5, followed by Burning Arrow or Frozen Arrow. Solely relying on Burning for attack can be very frustrating because of its Linear requirement, though it is more powerful. Burning may be unlearned later once you get Explosive Arrow, but allows for a different pattern of damage (linear instead of an area). This is important when playing with others (in particular melee classes

At low-mid levels, Frozen Arrow may not be so powerful on its own other than as a follow-up to Magic or Burning because its range is very short and the AP reduction is too small to be effective. However, at higher levels with 9 or more AP, three shots of Frozen could be a very powerful attack. Draining only a couple of AP can still be effective against an opponent with AP just enough to attack twice or more. (For example: against a monster that has 8 AP, a 4-AP attack, attacking twice in a turn, draining 1 AP from it suffices to reduce its attack to only once a turn.) Frozen can also be used when you are drained of 1 or 2 AP and cannot shoot Magic or Burning that you wanted to cast originally. (For example, if your base AP is 8 and drained of 1 AP by the monster, you can still cast Magic and Frozen instead of 2 Magic.)

After maxing Magic and Burning, level Distant Shooting to 5. Distant is important because it further enhances range, the very advantage of the Cra class. This also has a small area of effect for helping allies. It will prove to be very, very valuable time and time again.

Retreat Arrow is very useful when you need to keep distance from a monster or when you want to escape from a monster that has already caught you. If you are going to use a bow as your weapon, Release is another option for this effect, but it takes more AP for less push back until high levels. It does, however, push back in all directions instead of just one. It is this guides suggestion to keep retreat around, but to not level it. Release may also be useful to have at level 1 in case you become surrounded on multiple sides.

Until you will get Explosive Arrow at level 90, other class spells are mostly optional and don't have much use in most battles. For example, Bat's Eye may have use in PvP battles at higher levels, but is not so useful in PvM at low-mid levels. Critical Shooting is worth leveling if you decide to go for int/crit build, but without decent +crit equipments that are available only at higher levels, this spell alone isn't of much help at all.

The most worthwhile spell for int cra to level other than Magic, Burning, Frozen, and Distant at mid levels may be Cawwot. The healing glyph works great for Int Cras because of their high intelligence, and the planted Cawwot makes a nice obstacle to hide behind.

If you decide to use a maged Fishing Bow (available at level 70), level Weapon Skill to 5. (See the weapons section below for details.)

From around level 70-80, start saving 10 spell points for Explosive Arrow, which you will obtain at level 90. Max it to level 5 right away. The great damage output and AoE of Explosive are really impressive. This is what you have endured the long painful period of leveling for. Enjoy its power for the next 10 levels or so.

After level 100, you will be able to level some low-level spells and weapon skills further to 6. Level 6 Magic can be effective against the Spell Rebound of Feca as well as monsters such as Rib. Level 6 Frozen Arrow can drain 3 AP on a Critical Hit.

You may also unlearn a spell that you no longer use very often. You may find, for example, that you no longer have much use for Burning Arrow once you get Explosive Arrow, and so may wish to unlearn it to get the spell points back.

Class spellsEdit

Key class spells for Int Cras:

Icon Name Level Comment
Frozen arrow Frozen Arrow 1 FireFire damage, AP reduction. Makes a nice follow-up to Magic Arrow and Burning Arrow at low-mid levels.( Max out to lvl. 5 A.S.A.P)
Magic arrow Magic Arrow 1 FireFire damage. One of the two key attack spells at low-mid levels, the other being Burning Arrow.(Max out to lvl. 5 A.S.A.P)
Critical Shooting Critical Shooting 21 Increase Critical Hit rate. Essential when you start using a dagger or a bow as your close-combat weapon. This spell is not of much use on its own unless you have ample agility and crit bonus from equipment to achieve 1/2 rate.
Burning arrow Burning Arrow 6 FireFire damage on 3-4 targets in line. The other key attack spell of int cra at low-mid levels. Greater damage output than Magic and hit multiple targets. It could also shoot through an obstacle. Burning may be forgotten using Spell deleveling potions at level 90 when you get HOWEVER, as the recent changes, burning arrow actually has a greater damage output nowExplosive Arrow which is greater in damage output as well as AoE.(Max out to lvl. 5 A.S.A.P)
Distant shooting Distant Shooting 9 Increase your range. Very useful. Worth leveling to 5.
Retreat arrow Retreat Arrow 1 AirAir damage, pushback 3. The pushback effect is very useful esp. when caught up by a monster. Leave at 1 Won't hurt much as it delivers Air damage. Lvl 6 pushes 4 squares.
Powerful shooting Powerful Shooting 36 +100% damage. Somewhat useful. Worth casting in rounds when you can do nothing else. Either level to 5 or leave on 1.
Explosive arrow Explosive Arrow 90 FireFire area damage. The holy grail of the intelligence build. Level to 5 as soon as you get it.
Bow skill Bow Skill 100 Plus-damage bonus. One of the least powerful level 100 class spell. May be used with low base-damage spells such as Homing and Plaguing. Works great for multi-damage weapons such as citrus Daggers and Marilyn Mun Bow also because the damage bonus applies to each damage output independently.

Other class spells that may be useful for Int Cras:

Icon Name Level Comment
Homing arrow Poisoned Arrow 3 Neutral damage. Being an neutral (thus requiring strength) damage spell, it is not worth leveling for int cra. However, its low AP cost and long range make it good enough to be kept in the spell box even though left at level 1.
Bat's Eye Bat's Eye 17 Very useful at high lvls (for PvP), most supposedly melee classes have at least 1 mid/long range attack and +ranges such as Eca's HoT, Sram's Deviousness, Iop's Sword of Iop and also classes with long range spells like Enus, Xelors, Sadis, etc.
Plaguing Arrow Plaguing Arrow 42 AirAir damage. Occasionally useful as it doesn't need line of sight (although it's not worth leveling being an air-damage spell).
Absorptive arrow Absorptive Arrow 70 AirAir damage. Steals life. Could be used on Cawwot for further healing.

Non-class spellsEdit

Non-class spells useful for Int Cras:

Icon Name Comment
Cawwotspell Cawwot Sets a healing glyph and a cawwot, an immovable plant object. The high Intelligence of Int Cra increases the healing effect greatly. The summoned Cawwot has ample life and could be a nice block to hide behind.
Release Release Push back characters surrounding you 1-3 tiles. Not as useful for Cras as for other classes because Cras have Retreat Arrow. If you are going to use a bow as your weapon, Release may be better than Distant because of its lower AP cost and greater push back.
Summoning of Chaferfu Summoning of Chaferfu Summons a Chafer that makes a good obstruction against monsters. The summoned Chafer also has high neutral resistance and an neutral attack spell (Chafer Slash) which is effective against monsters with high Fire Resistance and/or low Earth Resistance. Can attack caster, so should be used with caution
Lightning Strike Lightning Strike Fire damage to all (friendly and enemy) characters around the casters. Useful area of effect damage, increased by high intelligence.
Leek Pie Leek Pie Fire damage. Costs only 2 AP. It is good enough at level 1. Damage bonuses from equipment and Bow Skill improve its damage well enough.


Low levelsEdit

Contrary to popular beleif, the Red Piwi Set can actually be very benifitial to a low level and int cra and is very inexpensive. This set may be used until it is possible to buy a Young Adventurer Set or a Gobball Set.

The Young Adventurer Set is useful for beginning Cras as with any low level class. From level 20 Int Cras will benefit from moving to an int based Gobball Set for the int and AP bonus, perhaps with an Ecaflip's Luck (item) or Mental Ring for further int.










Full Set Bonus

Red Piwi Set









+22 int, +1 damage, +1 heals, + 60 init

Young Adventurer Set









+40 vit, +46~52 all other stats

Gobball Set









+1 AP, +5 Damage, +52~100 Int, +52~100 Str

At low levels you can buy cheap peices of a set even if they have little bonuses and entirely depend on the set bonus. Because equipments with near-perfect bonuses are extremely expensive even for low level ones, you would be better off using the extra cash to scroll your stats.

Medium levelsEdit

The Red Scaraleaf Set and Fire Kwak Set have int bonuses which appeal to this class and build, while the Prespic Set has broad appeal with all players over level 38 for its wisdom and damage bonuses. There is no generally agreed favorite set for high level int characters other than the exceptionally rare Royal Gobball Set.

Set Full Amulet Belt Boots Cloak Hat Ring Weapon Pet Notes
Fire Kwak Set 42 42 41 40 41 41 42 41 1 +1 AP, +1 MP, Int Vit, Fire Resistance, +1 Range
Prespic Set 38 - 33 - 37 36 38 - - +32-80 Wis, +10-13 Reflect, +10-13 Damage
Red Scaraleaf Set 46 - 46 - 45 44 43 - - Int, Fire Resistance

At the medium levels it is essential for Int Cras to achieve 8 AP that allows them to cast two Magic Arrows in one turn while maintaining high int. For this you need to customize your set to get +2 AP bonus. Below are some of the examples:

  • Custom set A: Fire Kwak Set (minus amulet) + Kam Assutra. You only need 7 out of the 8 full Fire Kwak equipments to get the +1 AP set bonus. Kam Assutra replaces Fire Kwakamulet to get an extra AP. The drawback of this set is the trouble of keeping a Fire Bwak as pet.
  • Custom set B: Red Scaraleaf Set + Treechnid Root Bow & Kam Assutra. -66 vit of Treechnid Root Bow is to be compensated further by ring and boots in addition to the vit bonus of Red Scaraleaf Set (+83-160). This set is more flexible in the choice of equipments than the Fire Kwak set and so could be used for a longer period replacing each equipment with a higher-level one as you level your class level.

NOTE:Please note that the Treechnid Root Bow requires a minimum of 29 Agility, and no other piece here gives Agility. This means you must either have it scrolled, have a pet that gives Agility, or get 29+ agility from the free ring/boots slot.

  • Custom set C: Prespic-based 8AP set. +2 AP, -1 MP, Wis, +5 Reflect. This set uses the Kam Assutra and Treechelmet for 8ap and the Prespic for damages and wisdom. Wearing a Xelor's Past ring for int and further wis bonuses is also recommended. There is a setback to this set, since the Treechelmet takes away one MP. But because you can attack twice, you probably would not need to run away so much, and its basically up to personal preference.
  • Custom set D: 19+ intelligence Mental Rings and a Mad Boowolf Cloak (which is fairy cheap if you compare it to the amount of life you get; even a high damage percent isn't that expensive). With this extra you can use a Yew Axe (Axe) which has +35 intelligence.
  • Custom set E: Watch this video at This Link. A different amulet or weapon may be helpful but this is what most people use.

Most of the mid-level AP custom sets for int cra utilize The Celestial Brooch (40), Kam Assutra Amulet (43), Treechelmet (45), and/or Treechnid Root Bow (28). Other notable AP equipments include: Gelano (60), The Stars Custard Tart (62), God Rod (67), Smoothitch O'Ball (77), Farle's Ears (80), Powerful Dazzling Belt (80).

It is also recommended to start raising a Fire Bwak as pet at this stage.

High levelsEdit

Most high-level Int Cras use a custom set. Around level 100 some use non-int Feudala Set pieces such as Feudala cloak for set bonus.

You need at least +1 MP from boots and +1 AP from amulet. If you are going to use a pair of daggers, you need one more AP from a Gelano and some crit bonuses for which you might need to sacrifice some int. For 5AP bows, you will also need a Powerful Dazzling Belt to achieve 10 AP. See also the Weapons section because the choice of gears at higher levels largely depends on what weapon you use.

It should also be noted that unlike for other int classes who need to maintain high intelligence to boost the effect of their healing and damage reduction spell, for Int Cras intelligence is primarily to boost the damage output of weapons and attack spells. Therefore, Int Cras could more freely use Power alternative gears in place of int gears.

  • Jelleadgear (Lv. 60, +pros, +wis, +int), but actually a royal gob hat would be much better because of the major int when maged.
  • Feudala Hat (Lv. 98, +wis +int +vit %resists & +pros)
  • Krutch (Lv. 111, +crit)
  • Mothat (Lv. 113)
  • Dora Bora (Lv. 120)
  • Solomonk (Lv. 120, %dam, +dam, +crit, +init, no int)
  • Himune (Lv. 122, +crit)
  • Soft Oak Hat (Lv. 145, %dam, + dam, +crits, vit, int and wis)


Int Cras have comparatively tougher time to get a hold of good weapons because most weapons (except wands) are of neutral element and their damage is dependent on the element of strength rather than intelligence. To utilize the high intelligence of Int Cras in weapon damage, a weapon needs to be maged to fire first. Fire-maging is very costly, and fire maged weapons are very rare. Usually you need to find a level 100+ smith/carver with a mage ability to make one for you (unless you are a smith/carver yourself).

Most Int Cras do not start using a weapon seriously until level 100 because of the limited availability of good weapons for them except Fishing Bow mentioned below. Beyond level 100, however, int cra need to consider using a weapon because they will need a better source of attack than Explosive Arrow whose damage output is way too inconsistent to stay competitive in higher-level PvP battles.


Most bows cost 5 AP and are two-handed. The high AP cost and inability to wield a shield could be serious disadvantage in PvP battles. Although bows have a little advantage in range, cras already have many long-range attack spells (most notably Explosive Arrow). Therefore, some Int Cras go for a dagger or a wand instead to compensate Cra's lack of short-range attack.

The most popular bow among Int Cras is arguably fire-forged Fishing Bow. It is one of the few bows that only cost 4 AP to shoot, and the crit rate of 1/30 is decent. Fire-forged Fishing Bow greatly helps Int Cras during level 60-80s, a long and painful period of leveling for Int Cras to go through. Once you reach level 90 and get Explosive Arrow, however, Fishing Bow will not be as useful.


Dagger is a popular weapon among classes because most daggers only cost 3 AP and have high crit rate (around 1/30). Cras have an advantage in the use of daggers thanks to the spell Critical Shooting.

Examples of good daggers for Int Cras include:

To make the best use of daggers, you need to achieve 1/2 Critical Hit rate. To achieve 1/2 Critical Hit rate with a dagger of 1/30 crit hit rate, you need level 6 Critical Shooting spell, and either +20 Critical Hit boost from equipment, or +17 Critical Hit boost from equipment and 140 agility. Although it helps to scroll some agility, spending on agility the characteristic points that you gain from class leveling is not necessary at higher levels because many gears give bonuses in Critical Hit as well as agility. For example:

With these gears and +8 from the spell Critical shooting, you have +25 Critical Hit boost, which will be further raised to 28 with 140 agility (see Critical Hit for the details of the mechanism).


Wands are popular among Int Cras because there are many fire-based wands available and some of them have healing effect which is enhanced by intelligence. Int Cras could become a good healer by equipping a Boogey Wand.

Creizy-Stufh Wand is an amazing wand for a Cra, since it has a huge benefit from the +dmg of bow skill.


Fake Claw of Ceangal does great damage. It also has a good initiative bonus, a great advantage in PvP.


Int Cras are great solo hunters thanks to Explosive Arrow. They are especially good at hunting big mobs of relatively lower-level monsters to farm resources effectively.

In group PvM, Cras are appreciated for spamming Lashing Arrow to drain MP from boss monster. Although Lashing is an earth damage spell, Int Cras also should have it in their spellbox for its MP draining effect.

Int Cras could play the role of healer with a Boogey Wand when the party lacks good Enis. With a fire-damage weapon Int Cras could be good damage-dealers also against boss monsters with low Fire Resistance such as Moowolf and Ancestral Treechnid.


Level Monster Note
1 - Small Tofu You may raise class level up to 6 in Incarnam to get Burning Arrow by fighting a bunch of Small Tofus.
5 - Gobballs Pieces of the Gobball Set as drops.
Boars Keep your distance and you shouldn't have any problem. Use Frozen Arrow if it catches you up (draining 2 AP disables boars.)
20 - Piglets
30 - Wabbits Choose a map advantageous to Cra (e.g. 20,-9) and you could take any level of wabbit mobs.
Scaraleafs But you mustn't fight red scaraleafs unless you've scrolled your chance real high.
Treechnids Low fire-resistance.
45 - Fungi Masters Sometimes it's getting very boring because of the field monsters.
50 - Indigo Blops, Indigo Biblops Low fire-resistance. Choose a map that puts you and monsters far away from each other and shoot from behind a Cawwot. Blops usually cast Blyph on Cawwot (it doesn't hurt Cawwot) and do not try to close the distance. Avoid mobs that have many Cherry Blops as they have high fire-resistance. NOTE- Blops can be a lot more challenging since the update. Never fight more than 5 alone.
60 - Training Dopple Level 60 dopple could be very tough for int build to beat, but you can gain 100,000+ exp a day if you fight it wisely in a wisdom set. Use a cawwot as a meat shield.(Not After the Update. But if you fight many Diffrent Dopples it will add up to 100,000+ exp a day.)
70 - Kanigers 4 MP, no ranged attack. Equip a pair of +MP boots, run around on the map to keep distance. As far as you have 2 tiles between you and Kaniger, it will not harm you. Do not kill the Plissken that Kanigers summon. It only has 2MP and as far as you keep running around, it's harmless. If you kill the Plissken, Kaniger will summon it again, usually thrown right in front of you.
90 -

Koalaks ,

Royal Gobballs

Most monsters in the Koalak Mountain region (except Morello Cherry Koalak) have low Fire Resistance. Also many maps in the region are advantageous to long range attack spells.
Dark Treechnids Weak against fire damage. Dodgelock and use a dagger such as Citrus Daggers to avoid Treebranch that could inflict 100+ damage from mid range.

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