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Cristalline Set Elements Edit

Type/Level/Name Effects
Belt (48)
Crystalline Belt
Cloak (21)
Crystalline Cape
Hat (22)
Crystalline Hat
Ring (30)
Crystalline Ring

Cristalline Set Bonus Edit

Number of items equipped:

Items Bonus
1 No bonus
2 + 2 Heals, + 10 Vitality
3 + 4 Heals, + 20 Vitality
4 + 8 Heals, + 30 Vitality, + 1 Range

Complete Cristalline Set Effects Edit

Characteristics Attack Defense Miscellaneous

Notes Edit

The pieces have all the stats and required levels to wear of previous existing Dofus equipment that can be used as alternatives:

This set was given out to the four highest level characters at the end of Solar's Ultimate Challenge.

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