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Crocodyl Dandy
Area Otomai Island
Crocodyl Dandy
Location Canopy Village
Coords (-52,17)
Options Talk

Crocodyl Dandy is an NPC.



I'm Crocodyl Dandy. I'm sewing naughty underwears in Crocodyl scales, hypnotising plain boars with my fingers, and I want to turn this island into a Theme Park!
I'm sure that adventurers craving new experiences will love to visit this island among all these dangerous creatures. Modern adventurers like to be thrilled but not to take risks.
Unfortunately, since the creatures escaped from their cages and freely evolve in the wild, I had to give up my theme park idea. Now I must offer new entertainments.

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I now organize hunting sessions. Modern time adventurers no longer have high objectives. I give a sense to their life with my hunting sessions. Incidentally, it also enables me to regulate the creatures' population on the island. Otomai is against this and would rather leave Nature take its rights back but we eventually came to an agreement and he accepted that I intervene on the ecosystem of this island provided that I send him all the results.
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Well, you're one of the most courageaous adventurers I've ever met. I haven't seen anyone killing creatures that fierce in such a short time for ages.
I'll talk to Otomai next time I'll see him. He'll certainly be happy to know that you helped one of his oldest friends.




Crocodyl Dandy is a direct allusion to the movie character Crocodile Dundee.

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