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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Zeven Dubleho at [10,16]
Other prerequisitesRogue Guide
Recommended level30
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP, 1,776 Kamas
Items required
(not provided by quest)
SequelTo Betray, or not to Betray: That Is the Question

Crypt Tonight is a quest.


Talk to Zeven Dubleho at [10,16] in the last step of Rogue Guide.


Oh! Sugar! Where is this den!? I'm late for my nap... What? You know Yse Vewybad, the minister? You can help me then! Would you mind searching for this den?

Yes, what should I do?

Yse Vewybad the councillor thinks that Rogues left clues in the cemetery on how to enter the den. Would you mind exploring the crypts, please?


Step 1: Tales from the CryptEdit

You must visit the five crypts in Amakna cemetery.
  • Find the map: Visit a crypt in the cemetery of Amakna
  • Find the map: Visit a crypt in the cemetery of Amakna
  • Find the map: Visit a crypt in the cemetery of Amakna
  • Find the map: Visit a crypt in the cemetery of Amakna
  • Find the map: Visit a crypt in the cemetery of Amakna
Go to the following locations and enter the crypts: [11,16], [10,15], [9,15]x2, [8,16].

Eh, er, what? Whoaa I was having such a sweet dream...
Okay, tell me what you found. Oh no, there's nothing in those crypts... Listen, there's a crypt south of here... The gate seems blocked, but if you try, perhaps...

Step 2: Everything's fine for the RoguesEdit

Now that you know exactly where the Rogues' den is, you just have to check the information
  • Find a way to enter the Rogues' Chief's den
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Enter the crypt at [10,17] and speak to Al Guero

Well looky here, a visitor... You must be quite shrewd to have found this hideaway... Here, take this!

You will receive 1 Rogue Emblem.

Yes, that's what we need...However, I didn't understand whether Yse Vewybad wants to kill Rogues or hire them. Maybe you'll understand better... We'll just have to ask Yse.


Ah, very good! You found a way to return! Congratulations! Okay, now, go and find Vil. Whatever you do, please don't start a fight with him! I only want to talk!

Step 3: For a Few More RoguesEdit

You have to infiltrate the Rogues and speak with Vil Smisse.
  • Show the emblem to one of the guards, then talk to Vil Smisse
Go to [10,16] and talk to Budd Spenza or Teransse Houlle.
Budd Spenza

Ossshh, you're perssshhistant, that'sssh a good ssshing... Follow me, ssshhh.

No, I'm not ready yet.
Teransse Houlle

Yessshh, you wissshh to talk to Vil Ssshhmisshhe. Alrightsshh. Follow me, sssh.

No, I'm not ready yet.
Vil Smisse

Eh? What are you doing here? What? Hire me? I tell you, kid, my services are expensive and that I don't offer them to anyone.

My employer can pay.

Why does he want my services? Can't he hire someone else?

Only your talent and your power can help carrying out this mission...

Haha! Flattery ... nice try! Alright, wretch, I'll go talk to your boss. Give me back your Rogue emblem, you still don't deserve it...

You will lose 1 Rogue Emblem.


Related AchievementsEdit

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