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Dark Baker's Treasure Map Quest is a map quest.



Find and defeat a Malicious Chest.


Malicious chest battle

Battle with Chest

  • Go to The Dreggon Peninsula, on the north-east side.
  • Go to (-2,28) and you will find two small ponds with a nearby tree. In front of the tree is a hole. Walk onto it. You will be led to a tunnel with a dark miner or a dark baker in it.
  • Kill it, then go on to the next ladder.
  • Go up, you'll be at (-1,27) and attack the Malicious Chest.
  • Completion of this quest automatically removes the Dark Bakers' Treasure Map from among your quest items.

This quest may be repeated, but you will have to get another Dark Bakers' Treasure Map.

Ber Ed Stick and, if you're lucky, a Golden Brioche.