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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Sam Croa at (2,-16)
Level required9
Other prerequisitesA flighty thief, for Step 2
Recommended level20
Total rewardsLevel-based XP, 980 Kamas, 1 Boar Leather
Items required
(not provided by quest)

Delivery problem is a quest.



Welcome to the Croa bakery, all our breads are baked according to the traditions of old. You'll understand what I'm talking about instant your teeth pierce the crusty crustiness of my crusty crusts.

Get information
Talk about Xavier the baker
Offer to give a hand

You come at the right moment! My delivery man has just fallen sick and I can't take care of the delivery of a special order. I need strong arms and fast legs to deliver these cakes all over the town. I'll pay you well, are you interested?


Thanks a lot! Here is the list of people who need deliveries. They must receive their cakes within... 20 minutes. The cakes have already been paid for but you must collect the delivery charges. You can keep the money too.

You will receive 4 Cakes.

Step 1: Looking for Fast LegsEdit

The Baker has four urgent deliveries to make. Go drop off the cakes as quickly as possible.
Speedy delivery

Ah, thanks for the cake! And take this, it's for the delivery.

You will receive 50 kamas.
Late delivery

Ah, at last, the customer who ordered it left. I'll eat it myself then. There's no way I'll pay for the delivery!

Speedy delivery

Thank youu honeyyy! This snack will go straight to my hips, but it really gets you going! WOOHOO!

You will receive 50 kamas.
Late delivery

Well look at this! You're laaaayyyyte. I break out all over if my food isn't fresh... you think I'm going to pay full price?

You will receive 10 kamas.
Speedy delivery

Ahhh, my cake! Nothing's better than a sugary treat when I'm forging swords. I'm telling you, you have good timing!

You will receive 50 kamas.
Late delivery

Hmm, cake? Oh right, the one I was waiting for?! I ran out of patience and started work on a new sword... Put it in a corner... thanks for coming over by the way!

Speedy delivery

Thank for beautiful cake. It's for Oz. With it, I can do what I want him, teehee... Delivered on the time! great!

You will receive 50 kamas.
Late delivery

This is cake I buy for Oz. It's pity... He stuff the face with the bread.


Thank you very much. Could you do me another favor while you're at it? I've heard that my delivery man wasn't sick at all but was chasing women instead of working. I'd like you to spy on him a little bit to check whether that's true or not...


  • Up to 200 kamas, collected from customers

Step 2: A Skirt-Chasing DelivererEdit

Check if the deliverer Louc Drif is really sick.

His name is Louc Drif, or as he calls himself, the 'independent professional delivery consultant'. He lives in the Iop neighborhood. If you give me your map, I'll write the location of his house on it. Come back to see me when you know for sure if he really is sick... or not!

  • Watch over the delivery man
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Talk to Louc Drif at (4,-19), ask him how he is and insist
The quest here intersects with A flighty thief. Before going on, complete the latter if you haven't done so.

Argh! It's getting worse and worse, I couldn't go to the dates I had. So I decided to invite them all to the Trool Fair to make up for it... Now, I have 3 dates at the same time. How am I gonna do all this?

Ask him how he feels

I've got 3 dates at the same time. How do you think I'm feeling? I... hum... hu... I'm sick...Oh, blow it! I'll survive. I suppose the baker sent you... Tell him I resign! I'm only delivering dangerous goods fom now on! I need some excitement in my life!


He's quitting? I'm going to fire him before he even has time to quit! Find me a new delivery man! Sorry, but you're the only one around...

Go on

Let me explain: I need someone who's strong enough to haul 1500 bread pods and who can run fast - in short I need strength and nimbleness in equal measure... Look for someone who seems to fit the bill and have a chat... see if they know which side of their bread is buttered, know what I mean. Then fill in this form, get the candidate to put their palm on it and you'll know straight away if your choice is good...

You will receive 1 Form to Fill.

Step 3: Looking for the New DelivererEdit

Find someone both strong and nimble to replace the old deliverer.
You will receive 1 Form to Fill (on the Miscellaneous tab of your inventory)
Use the form on a character with 1500+ free pods and 50+ agility.
You can't use the form on your own character.
If the target is correct, the form becomes a Filled and Valid Form.
If not, it becomes a Filled but Invalid Form, talk to Sam Croa to get a new Form to Fill.
If you throw out the Form to Fill, you will have to pay Sam Croa 5 kamas for a new one.

Thank you very much, come back soon if you want. You're a good worker!


At the end of the day, all the new recruits were rather sluggish. I think I should hire highly motivated workers from day to day. There are loads of applicants for this kind of job. If you like, you can make the first delivery of the day for me, you'll get paid double just for today. Then you can make a second delivery whenever you want.


Deliver this cake to grandma, be quick, and be careful because there are rats lurking around her house. They must not eat the cake.

You will receive 1 Cakes.

Step 4: A Last DeliveryEdit

Go and deliver the cake to grandma.

Oh! Is this cake for me?

Give the parcel

Thank you so much! You are so sweet!

You will lose 1 Cakes.


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