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Doploon is a quest item.




Service/Item Cost (Doploons)
Reset base Characteristics (once per character) 1 Doploon
Receive a Special spell 1 Doploon
1 Kolossoken 2 Doploons
Characteristic Scroll See table below.
Pebble See table below.
Krosbox 1,000 Doploons

The following table shows the number of Doploons necessary to receive a Characteristic Scroll. These can be exchanged with ANY Temple Merchant.

Scroll Doploons
Small 20
Normal 60
Great 140
Powerful 340
Pebble Doploons
Amber Pebble 10
Smoked Pebble 100
Mahogany Pebble 1,000

Types of DoploonsEdit

These are the old Doploons which are no longer obtainable.
They can still be exchanged for new Doploons at their corresponding class temples.