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Dreggon Tamer
Area Amakna
Dreggon Tamer
Location The Dreggon Peninsula
Coords [-3,24]
Options Talk, Exchange

Dreggon Tamer is an NPC.



Hello, young adventurer, I am one of the few breeders of Dreggons in this land... I've been breeding and taming them for many years now... I am the only one who can truly understand and control them. But I've had some trouble in the last few years... maybe you could help me?

Offer assistance

My grandfather was living in this village when these creatures invaded. He told me that a dreggon, if it is captured just after its birth, will not be aggressive. But now I am getting old, so I can no longer get close enough to dreggons to steal their eggs. I need White Dreggon Eggs, but the only way to get them is to fight them. Do you think you're up to the job?

Ask about the reward

If you bring me 10 White Dreggon Eggs, I'll give you an Old Dreggon Bone in exchange. It's a magic bone, Azra Lazarus the Jeweller is convinced that it can be used to make precious jewels. Go and see her, she'll give you more details.


Give To get
10 White Dreggon Egg 1 Old Dreggon Bone

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