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Drill is a method of transportation, for a list of all transportation methods, see Transport.

Drills are underground trains run by the NPC Dwill Opewatow who is aligned with the Abandoned Labowatowies. They can carry players for free to locations often not covered by other transportation methods.

Drill can only be used by characters of the Alliance that owns the Abandoned Labowatowies area.

Drill ListEdit

Subarea Mine Coordinates
Abandoned Labowatowies N/A [27,-14]
Agony V'Helley Shedblood Shaft [-18,14]
Cania Bay N/A [-29,-12]
Krismahlo Tunnel N/A [18,11]
Neutral Pandala N/A [28,-30]
Porco Territory N/A [0,33]
Sidimote Moors Canem Cave [-23,25]
Stontusk Desert N/A [-4,-53]
The Lonesome Pine Trails Faultline Mine [-55,-64]
The Milicluster N/A [2,4]
Tree Keeholo Foliage N/A [-53,17]
Turtle Beach N/A [36,4]
Tunnels Diggum Mine [5,19]
Tunnels Tirith Mine [-3,9]

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