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The Agility-based Ecaflip relies mostly on Bluff and weapons, especially Daggers, to deal damage. This build differs from other builds due to its volatile, luck-dependent nature; thus, it is very risky to play. Sometimes it will deal pitiful damage, while at other times, it will completely pulverize the opponent. This Ecaflip is weaker than other builds in early levels, since Bluff relies on either of two elements - Air or Water - per cast, it will become increasingly unreliable. It will rely on daggers completely in later levels. This has the most damage potential of any build in the game.

Soft capsEdit

Ecaflip/Softcaps Agility is the most important characteristic, regardless of the variant chosen. Chance can be helpful for Bluff and raising all four elemental characteristics will be vital for Rekop. However, Intelligence and Chance should be scrolled.


Primary spellsEdit

The following spells are useful regardless of variants.

Icon Name Level Element Description/Comment
Bluff Bluff 6 Water Air
Water or Air
Main ranged attack. Important at early levels and is good for all variants.
Feline's Leap Feline's Leap 21 Pairs well with Bluff due to its low AP cost and is essential for this build's limited range.
Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune 36 A valuable damage boost for all variants.
Summoning Claw Summoning Claw 42 Important as a meatshield and is especially useful as a long range attack option.
Smell Smell 54 A potential AP and MP boost. Safe at level 2, moderate risk when raised to level 3.
50px Reflex 60 Increases Agility, which boosts damages dealt. Good for all variants.
Summoning of Dopple Summoning of Ecaflip Dopple 200 Very helpful at high levels.

Secondary spellsEdit

The following spells may or may not be important, depending on which variant is being used.

Icon Name Level Element Short description
Roulette Roulette 1 Has a fair chance of enhancing Rekop.
Ecaflip's Luck Ecaflip's Luck 1 A potential life saver.
Perception Perception 3 At level 5, it can consistently raise the damage of Bluff. Although the effect may seem small, it is comparable to the Iop's early damage boosting spells, which are commonly used. Invisibility detection is also good in certain situations.
Repercussion Repercussion 9 Another life saver. Allows you to survive up to 5 more turns.
Clover Clover 13 Vital for raising critical hits.
Rekop Rekop 90 EarthFireWaterAir
Potentially extremely powerful. Short ranged.

Other spellsEdit

Several non-class spells can also be very helpful.

Icon Name Level Element Short description
Weapon Skill Various Bluff dependent Ecaflips need to get close to their targets and often get involved in close-combat fights. Also, at middle levels, Bluff can be combined with weapons, such as Dagg'Onies, for 7 AP.
Summoning of Arachnee Summons a very powerful Major Arachnee on a critical hit. Good for the Critical variant.
Summoning of Chaferfu Summons a Chaferfu Lancer on a critical hit, which is a tough meatshield and will boost the team's AP. Good for the Critical variant.
Perfidious Boomerang EarthFireWaterAir
Earth, Fire, Water or Air
Pairs well with Rekop, providing a long ranged attack.
Moon Hammer 40 Air Easily usable with Smell. Provides a powerful long ranged attack.

Standard build guideEdit

Building an Agility Ecaflip basically involves raising Agility and Vitality. Wisdom (for XP) and Chance (for Bluff) can be scrolled. Strength and Intelligence can be scrolled if you plan to use Rekop.

Build SummaryEdit

Class: Ecaflip Build: Agility
Main stats: Agility, Vitality, (Chance)
Main spells:

Bluff (5), Feline's Leap (3~5), Wheel of Fortune (5), Reflex (5)

Lv. 101 Base Stats

STR: (scroll)
WIS: (scroll)
CHA: (scroll)
INT: (scroll)

Lv. 101 Spells

Bluff (5)
Feline's Leap (3~5)
Wheel of Fortune (5)
Reflex (5)
Smell (2~3)
Spare: 58~67 pts (=6 lvl 5 spells):

Spell point investing guideEdit

Suggestions for spare points

Leveling guideEdit

See the general Leveling guide.

Variant guidesEdit

Experimental/Historical/Obsolete buildsEdit