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The Intelligence-based Ecaflip can be thought of as a battle healer. It heals allies at long range with Heads or Tails and All or Nothing. At medium range, Felintion provides great healing in early levels. Early on, Ecaflip's Luck can also boost the effectiveness of Heads or Tails considerably. For offense, this character uses Topkaj, an exceptional intelligence spell that has great range, and can be modified to be massive range, even sometimes longer than that of a cra's.

The downside is that this Ecaflip is much less capable of healing itself, as its self healing ability is only half of ally healing. While Repercussion can offset this drawback to some extent, this character is still more fragile in the long run. Moreover, true to the nature of the Ecaflip, its healing power is completely unreliable and has a degree of randomness. It also lacks access to important supportive spells that Eniripsas have, such as dispelling effects and AP buff.This relegates it to the role of a secondary healer.

For an alternative, some players develop a more offensive variant that relies mainly on Topkaj. This variant uses 8AP to attack twice with Topkaj, and staying at a range. Scrolling is highly recommended.

Soft capsEdit

Characteristic 1 for 1 2 for 1 3 for 1 4 for 1 5 for 1 note
Intelligence 0-20 20-40 40-60 60-80 80 - ∞ Needs scrolling; very costly

Do not raise Strength no matter what!


Primary SpellsEdit

Ecaflip class spells
Icon Name Level Element Short description
Heads or Tails Heads or Tails 1 Earth
Inflicts Earth damage, then heals the target. Usually damages more than heals. Reversed into a long-range healing spell with high Intelligence.
Ecaflip's Luck Ecaflip's Luck 1 Casts a buff that affects all damage done to a friendly target. Damage received will either be converted into healing, or multiplied into greater damage. Used to amplify the healing effects of Heads or Tails and All or Nothing. See below for details.
All or Nothing All or Nothing 17 Neutral
Inflicts everyone in a wide Area of Effect. At the start of each character's turn, it deals Neutral damage, then heals. Reversed into a wide Area of Effect healing spell with high Intelligence.
Topkaj Topkaj 26 Fire
Strong ranged Fire damage. Main attack.
Rough Tongue Rough Tongue 31 Fire
Moderate ranged Fire damage with an Area of Effect. Reduces range on a critical hit.

Ecaflip's Luck effects:

Without the effect:

  • Suppose Heads or Tails deals 10 damage. Heals 20HP. It can be cast at least twice per turn.
  • On first cast, the healing is 10HP.
  • On second cast, the healing is 10HP.
  • The total healing is 20HP.

With the effect:

  • Suppose Heads or Tails deals 10 damage. Heals 20HP. It can be cast at least twice per turn.
  • On first cast, the damage is doubled. Heals 0HP.
  • On second cast, the damage is reversed. Heals 30HP.
  • The total healing is 30HP.

When looking at the bigger picture:

  • 25% - Doubles damage on both casts. Total healing is 0HP.
  • 50% - Doubles damage on first cast, reverses damage on second cast, or vice versa. Total healing is 30HP.
  • 25% - Reverses damage on both casts. Total healing is 60HP.
  • Average healing is 30HP.

Conclusion - Ecaflip's Luck boosts healing capability by an average of 50%, or 1.5x. Additionally, it amplifies healing 75% of the time.

  • Please be aware that this effect is dampened in higher levels, as this estimation approximates the situation when Intelligence ranges from 100 to 200. Beyond 200 points, this effect will decline.

Secondary SpellsEdit

Ecaflip class spells
Icon Name Level Element Short description
Perception Perception 3 Reveals invisible traps and creatures to nearby allies. Also raises the caster's damage for a turn. Good for support.
Repercussion Repercussion 9 Deals minor Neutral damage to the caster, and raises a target's Vitality and HP temporarily. Healing capabilities allow this to become more than a temporary life saver and provides consistent HP boosts.
Feline's Leap Feline's Leap 1 Moves the caster one square. The cost drops as the spell's level rises. It costs a mere 2 AP.
Summoning Claw Summoning Claw 42 Summons a monster, Kitten, which uses Rotten Luck (boosts enemy chances for a Critical Failure) and Catattack (heals opponent on a normal hit, damages them on a Critical hit, 50/50 chance of either). Useful as a tank.
Smell Smell 54 Randomizes AP and MP of nearby players. Usually increases.
Rekop Rekop 90 All Has 50% chance of a critical hit. If successful, the target is hit with four powerful attacks, one of each element. If it fails to get a critical hit, the user loses 1 AP for the rest of the turn.
Summoning of Dopple Summoning of Ecaflip Dopple 200 Summons an Ecaflip Dopple


It is very difficult to find suitable equipment for the Intelligence-based Ecaflip, as its main healing spell, Heads or Tails, has many limitations. Since it fluctuates a great deal and initially inflicts slightly greater damage, +heals equipment is vital in making it work. Most early equipment that add Intelligence also happen to increase Strength, which unfortunately increases the damage component of Heads or Tails. It is also advisable to avoid critical hit equipment and +damage equipment, if possible. If you do not wish to rely on healing, go for the standard Intelligence sets, such as Red Scaraleaf Set.

Starter GearEdit

Do not rely upon the Boon Set or the Young Adventurer Set, because not only is the Intelligence boost not enough to provide consistent healing, but the Strength component will have to be reduced with Mush Mush Wedding Ring.

Early GearEdit

The first option is to find a pure Intelligence Gobball Set and reduce the Strength component. This choice is more expensive.

The second option is to use a custom patchwork of +heals and Intelligence equipment.

Late GearEdit