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Unlike Bluff Ecaflips, Strength-based Ecaflips have a good choice of high-level spells. The drawback of these builds is that you don't get your second Earth spell until level 48, which is extremely risky, so the next safe earth spell comes at 70.

Soft capsEdit

Characteristic 1 for 1 2 for 1 3 for 1 4 for 1 5 for 1
Strength 0-100 100-200 200-300 300-400 400 - ∞
Vitality 0 - ∞ - - - -


Ecaflip/Strength main spells
Icon Name Level Element Short description
Heads or Tails Heads or Tails 1 Earth
This spell both damages and heals the enemy, though the damage is generally much greater than the healing.
Catnip Catnip 1 Support spell which adds 1 mp for 1 turn. Costs 1 AP to cast with a decreasing cooldown until level 5 in which it can be cast an upwards of 2 times per turn, and 3 times at level 6.
Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune 36 Situational support spell which increases damage by 200% at level 5 for 3 turns, disables Clover for the same number of turns, and reduces resistance by 15% once it times out.
Feline Spirit Feline Spirit 48 Earth
This is a powerful close-range earth attack with a teleport mechanism added to it. It hits in an axe shaped area, reduces target AP reduction by 20 at Level 6, and deals damage on the caster if not used the next turn unless in Lucky Devil state.
Smell Smell 54 Support spell that decreases the AP and increases the MP of everyone in the area of effect. Reverses on the subsequent turn with MP loss and increased AP.
Playful Claw Playful Claw 70 Earth
Earth Water
This scratch inflicts horizontal and vertical Earth-type damages and hurts any players within its area of effect. No line of sight necessary. Inflicts lifesteal Water-type damage in Lucky Devil state.
Fate of Ecaflip Fate of Ecaflip 100 Earth
The Fate of Ecaflip inflicts Earth-type damages and subtracts an MP from the enemy if pushback damage is inflicted on them for 2 turns.

Standard buildEdit

Building a Strength Ecaflip basically involves raising Strength and Vitality, Wisdom (for XP) and Agility (for Locking and Dodging) can be scrolled.

Build SummaryEdit

Class: Ecaflip Build: Strength
Main stats: Strength, Vitality, (Agility)
Main spells:

Heads or Tails (5), Feline Spirit (5), Playful Claw (5), Fate of Ecaflip (5)

Lv. 101 Base Stats

STR: 200
VIT: 200
WIS: (scroll)
CHA: 0
AGI: (scroll)
INT: 0

Lv. 101 Spells

Heads or Tails (5)
Feline Spirit (5)
Catnip (5)
Wheel of Fortune (5)
Smell (5)
Playful Claw (5)
Fate of Ecaflip (5)
Spare : Summoning Claw (5), Roulette (5), Ecaflip's Luck (1 or 5)

Skill point investing guideEdit

Simply put all of your points into Strength. There's no need to put it in anything else. In the past some would suggest to put some points into Vitality, however as of 1.27 all characters gain 5 HP per level, meaning the bonus you gain from raising Vitality is minimal,

Spell point investing guideEdit

  • Spare points can be spent in Perception, Reflex (inflicts erosion and air damage), or Weapon Skill
  • L100+ Lv 6 Heads or Tails, Catnip, Summoning Claw, Roulette (1 turn cooldown or use twice a turn with the Gutter Set), Perception ,  Feline Spirit.

Leveling guideEdit

See the general Leveling guide.

Experimental/Historical/Obsolete buildsEdit