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Elnido Pelago
Area Amakna
Elnido Pelago
Location Eliotrope Temple
Coords [15,32]
Options Talk

Elnido Pelago is an NPC



Sergio and Lena were meant to deal with the training sessions, but unfortunately they never came back from the talk they had at the beach. Given their lengthy absence, I've had to improvise, taking inspiration from the instructors at the other temples. I've managed to instruct some Dopples in the basics of our fighting techniques. They're a bit of a feeble imitation of the real thing, but they'll have to do for now.

Take on each Dopple.
Train with a Dopple.

If you want to train with a Dopple, you'd better be ready to fight.

Start training.
Find out more about Dopples.

Dopples are being which imitate others to survive. We don't know too much about where they come from; one day they just appeared en masse and tried to invade our land. We defeated them, of course, and since then we don't tend to see too many around.

Exchange Doploons.

Sure thing! If you have enough Doploons, I'm sure I'll have something to tickle your fancy.

Reset characteristics to zero.
Nothing right now.


Dopple Trainer for

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