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Elturt (monster)
Elturt (monster) is a monster.

For the NPC of the same name, see Elturt.



Level Stats Resistance (%) Resistance (Linear) Resistance (Other) Aggro range
Health Point Action Point Movement Point Lock Neutral square Earth square Fire square Water square Air square Neutral square Earth square Fire square Water square Air square AP Loss Resistance MP Loss Resistance Critical Resistance Pushback Resistance
250 8,200 9~12 1~2 60 50 50 50 50 120 100 -


  • Nutty Twirl: Does random elemental damage (50~250).
  • Here or There: Makes the target skip their next turn, Rooted state (3 turns).
  • Sabrage: Deals 200+ random elemental damage to the target (3 turns).
  • Telekinesis: Unbewitches target and does random element damage.
  • Elturt's Prevention: Elturt gains 2~3 AP (3 turns), reflects spells of maximum level 6, reduces damage by 1 and has 6~10 heals on each hit.


Name Base Drop Rate Conditions
Babbagerate=100 {{{rate}}}% None
Blue Mage Metaria 0.2% None
Green Mage Metaria 0.2% None
Red Mage Metaria 0.2% None
Yellow Mage Metaria 0.2% None

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