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Emia Elliesol
Area Astrub
Emia Elliesol
Location Astrub Fields
Coords [7,-25]
Options Talk, Buy/Sell

Emia Elliesol is an NPC.



Ahhh! There's no end to this harvest. Luckily for us peasants, this years's crop is gonna be a bumper!

Enquire about the Farmer profession.

It's surely the most beautiful trade in the world, after Lighthouse Keeper on Moon Island, Perceptor, Confectioner, Wizard, Greu Tamer and Bwork Magus Taxidermist. You just have to learn to live with the weather and to flout the agricultural regulations - they want us to leave our fields fallow every second year! Imagine that. Ha! It's a harsh trade, but perfect for the lovers of nature. I'd be glad to teach you all I know.

Learn the job of Farmer.

Here you go, now you know the basics of the profession. One last thing before you go, you need the right tool for the job. Have a look at the ones I'm selling.

End dialogue.


Features in


Peasant Scythe 150




Emia Elliesol is "Aime l'oseille" backwards ("Loves money" in French).

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