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Eniripsas are Healers with the power to ease your pain with a single Word. Their potent utterances can either heal their allies or hurt their enemies. Some Eniripsas become word hunters, wandering the earth in search of obscure verbs and forgotten languages!

The Eniripsa or Eniripsa's Hands are the Healers of the Dofus world.

Of all the Classes they have the vast majority of effective Healing spells. These range from AoE healing with Selective Word, to the multiple target Revitalising Word, or the choice to harm an enemy or heal a friend from Alternative Word and Puzzling Word. Many of their damage-dealing spells will also cause AoE healing based on the amount of damage inflicted.

Despite all of the Healing spells, Eniripsas shouldn't just be seen as healers. Aside from their Healing spells they have a number of Buffs, many of which are very useful. These buffs include shields from Preventing Word and the AP bonus of Stimulating Word. Lifting Word may also be useful for battlefield positioning.


Rate 1:1 2:1 3:1 4:1 5:1
Vitality Vit 1~∞ - - - -
Wisdom Wis - - 1~∞ - -
Strength Str 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞ -
Intelligence Int 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞ -
Chance Cha 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞ -
Agility Agi 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞ -

Main Characteristics:

  • Intelligence Intelligence: Fire based Healing spells gain a 1% bonus from Intelligence, which originally made it the near only Characteristic to raise for Eniripsas.
    Warning: the spells that describe their healing as a "% of max HP" do not receive this bonus.
  • Agility Agility: May be useful as Wounding Word is one of the first spells received. Whirling Word causes decent AoE damage. All agility spells heal allies around the caster (AoE 2C) by up to 50% of the damage caused before reductions.

Other Characteristics:

  • Vitality Vitality: It can be useful at low levels to help the Eniripsa survive long enough to Heal. Come higher levels though most Eniripsas should be able to Heal enough and have enough Vitality from Equipment not to warrant putting points into this.
  • Wisdom Wisdom: No real point to raise this as they don't really have much in the way of MP/AP theft abilities.
  • Strength Strength: As Eniripsa's have no Earth based spells, there is not much point in raising Strength. It might be raised to meet weapon requirements.

Class spellsEdit

Icon Name Level Element Short description
Sort 427 Decisive Word Exchange for Doploons Increases the caster's damage, but halves the effectiveness of heals generated by their spells, and by Preventing Word, for 3 turns. The spell's effects cannot be unbewitched.
Sort 122 Wounding Word 1 Air Air Inflicts Air Air-type damage. Allies near the caster (within 2 cells) are healed by up to 50% of the damage caused before reduction.
Sort 124 Alternative Word 1 Fire Fire Inflicts Fire Fire-type damage on enemies. Heals allies.
Sort 129 Friendship Word 1 Summons a Coney which gives the caster the Stimulated state as long as it is alive: it gives 2 AP and increases the heals received. The Coney heals its allies. When the Coney dies, a heal glyph appears: entities who end their turn on the glyph are healed.
Sort 125 Forbidden Word 3 Water Water Causes Water Water-type damage. Allies near the target (within 2 cells) are healed by up to 50% of the damage caused before reduction.
Sort 128 Frightening Word 6 Repels the target.
Sort 126 Stimulating Word 9 The target gains the Stimulated state: it gains 2 AP and the heals received are increased for 4 turns. Doesn't affect Eniripsas.
Sort 123 Turbulent Word 13 Air Air Inflicts Air Air-type damage on enemies and repels the target. Allies near the caster (within 2 cells) are healed by up to 50% of the damage caused before reduction.
Sort 133 Word of Youth 17 Heals Healing Heals an ally and removes 1 bewitchment turn from them.
Sort 130 Selective Word 21 Fire Fire Causes Fire Fire-type damage on enemies in an area of effect. Heals allies.
Sort 134 Blaring Word 26 Water Water Causes Water Water-type damage in an area of effect. Allies near the targets (within 2 cells) are healed by up to 50% of the damage caused before reduction.
Sort 127 Preventing Word 31 The target gains shield points for 2 turns.
Sort 131 Regenerating Word 36 Heals Healing The target is healed with a delay: at the start of the caster's next turn, and the following turn.
Sort 136 Paralysing Word 42 Reduces MP for 1 turn. At the end of the caster's turn, heals nearby allies (within 2 cells).
Sort 135 Puzzling Word 48 Fire Fire Inflicts Fire Fire-type damage on enemies and reduces their Power for 1 turn. Heals allies and increases their Power for 1 turn.
Sort 132 Whirling Word 54 Air Air Inflicts Air Air-type damage in an area of effect. Allies near the caster (within 2 cells) are healed by up to 50% of the damage caused before reduction.
Sort 121 Thunderous Word 60 Water Water Inflicts Water Water-type damage on enemies and reduces their AP. Allies near the target (within 2 cells) are healed by up to 50% of the damage caused before reduction.
Sort 138 Word of Silence 70 Reduces AP in an area of effect, and reveals invisible allies and enemies. Allies who have the Stimulated state, as well as the caster, are not affected.
Sort 137 Lifting Word 80 Switches places with an ally (excluding Summons). Removes the Stimulated state. Applies the Unhealable state to the caster if they ally doesn't have the Stimulated state. The Coney can be targeted, but is killed.
Sort 139 Revitilising Word 90 Heals Healing All allies who have the Stimulated state are healed, but they lose the Stimulated state. Kills the Coney if already summoned. Sets the recasting delay for Stimulating Word to 1 turn.
Sort 140 Word of Recovery 100 Heals Healing Completely heals an allied target, but makes it Unhealable for the next 3 turns and removes the Stimulated state. If the target (unless the caster) is in the Stimulated state, it causes damage according to its Unhealable Vitality on nearby enemies (within 2 cells).
Sort 1907 Summoning of Eniripsa Dopple 200 Summons an Eniripsa Dopple

Class SetEdit

The Eniripsa Class Set is the Altruistic Set.


The table below summarizes the main options for viable Eniripsa builds. More experienced players might take the challenge of less common, harder to play builds.

°=Not recommended, +=Longshot build (require high investment), ++=Fun but challenging build, +++=Proven, solid build

Main orientationRatingNotes
Team support builds
Support +++ An Intelligence-based build that concentrates on healing and boosting AP. Dependent on others for leveling, but becomes an incredible asset to any group.
Solo builds
Battle ++ An Intelligence-based build that focuses upon self healing and protection spells rather than directly supporting the team. This allows for independent leveling and, when done right, very high survivability.
Chance + Vampyre build. Uses Vampyric Word to deal heavy damage while stealing life. Very hard to kill, but has limited range and mobility. Most variants cannot heal allies.


See the general Leveling guide or the specific build pages.


At (7,1) is the The Temple of Eniripsa, where you can get info about Eniripsas and fight the Eniripsa Dopple.


Reading Eniripsa backwards spells out aspirine, which is the French spelling of aspirin, a common pain reliever.

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