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Fairy Sette
Area Incarnam
Fairy Sette
Location Way of Souls
Coords [2,-3]
Details Outside Incarnam Library
Options Talk

Fairy Sette is an NPC.



Hello, the goddess Eniripsa has given me the power to help young souls fix the mistakes of their youth.
When you no longer have access to Incarnam, the only way you'll be able to unlearn a spell or reallocate your characteristic points is by fighting Dopples in a class temple or seeking aid from Otomai, the famous alchemist.
Be careful, though! You can only change your characteristics once by fighting Dopples. Only Otomai knows the way to repeatedly change the characteristics of an experienced soul.

Reset characteristics to zero.
(All of your Characteristics will be reset to 0 and you will receive all invested characteristic points, characteristics gained from Characteristic Scrolls will remain unchanged)



Fairy Sette can reset you only if you are level 30 or below.

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