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Farle Ingalsse
Area Amakna
Farle Ingalsse
Location The Ingalsses' Fields
Coords [5,6]
Options Talk, Exchange

Farle Ingalsse is an NPC.



Well, we don't sit around doing nothing with my little Shika... We're snowed under with work!
Fortunately the crops are doing pretty well this year...

If you have time, I've got work for you.

Ask for work.

I need help finishing the harvest.

Help Farle with his harvest.

It's likely to rain, and I'm afraid the corn grains might sprout on the spot. Reap 100 units of wheat and I'll give you one of my best scythes.


Give To get
100 Wheat 1 Farle Ingalsse's Scythe




The last name is a reference to the Ingalls family, from the book Little House on the Prairie.

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