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The advantage of an Intelligence Feca lies in its damage prevention. Intelligence boosts the damage reduction of all the Feca's Armors. However, since the 2.7 update, shields no longer require intelligence to increase their reduction. It is now: (base reduction +5%Xplayers level).

Unlike Strength Fecas, however, Intelligence Fecas will have a more limited weapon selection. Many Intelligence Fecas feel it necessary to buy fire-maged weapons (notably, the Kryst O'Ball), which can be costly.


Soft caps
Characteristic 1 for 1 2 for 1 3 for 1 4 for 1 5 for 1
Intelligence 0-100 100-200 200-300 300-400 400 - ∞

Your focus is, of course, Intelligence. Even when it costs 3 characteristic points, it is still the stat to level. Almost all, if not all characteristic points should go into Intelligence for a long time.

Some Intelligence Fecas may like to increase Intelligence to 300 then put points into Vitality for the extra HP or Wisdom for leveling or even Strength for equipment options (The last one, it is usually preferred to gain these through equipment and/or scrolling, rather than spending characteristic points).


Primary SpellsEdit

These spells are used almost unanimously by Intelligence Feca, and should usually be maxed as soon as possible.

Intelligence Feca primary spells
Icon Name Level Element Short description
Natural Attack Natural Attack 1 Fire
Ranged Fire attack.
Rampart Rampart 1 N/A
Reduces damage received from all elements.
Lethargy Lethargy 17 Fire
Deals fire damage and reduces MP.
Burning Glyph Burning Glyph 90 Fire
High Fire damage glyph.
Becomes your main glyph of damage.
Feca Shield Feca Shield 100 N/A
Reduces damage taken.

Secondary SpellsEdit

The following spells are used with varying degrees of frequency and emphasis. Even if you level all of the Primary spells as soon as possible, you will have spell points left over at various stages. Spend these on the spells in this section which interest you, in whichever order seems best.

Intelligence Feca secondary spells
Icon Name Level Element Short description
Reinforced Protection Reinforced Protection Trade for Doploons N/A
Increases Glyphs' damage and Power. Deactivates the Feca's protection spells. Use Carefully.
Barricade Barricade 9 N/A
Prevents melee damage and boosts MP when hit at range.
Bastion (Spell) Bastion 26 N/A
Prevents long-range damage and boosts Power when hit in melee.
Teleglyph Teleglyph 36 N/A
Teleports the caster several squares.

Note¹: all other glyphs are situational, so choose wisely based on your gamestyle (PvM or PvP).
Note²: maxing all glyphs is the endgame's dream and provides versatility.

Other SpellsEdit

The following spells are not necessary, but can help optimizing your build.

Other spells of interest
Icon Name How to obtain Element Short description
Leek Pie Leek Pie Bought from Teggun for 1,000 Nuggets Fire
Inflicts small Fire-type damage over a large area and costs little.
Cawwotspell Cawwot Wob in Cawwot Island for 100 Cawwots N/A
This spell allows you to plant a wegenewative cawwot in the gwound.

Spell Guide To Level 101Edit

Basic Feca Skills:

Leveling guideEdit

See the general Leveling guide.

Outdated/Historical/Obsolete buildsEdit


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