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The advantage of an Intelligence Feca lies in its damage prevention. Intelligence boosts the damage reduction of all the Feca's Armors. However, since the 2.7 update, shields no longer requre intelligence to increase their reduction. It is now: (base reduction +5%Xplayers level).

Unlike  Strength Fecas, however, Intelligence Fecas will have a more limited weapon selection. Many Intelligence Fecas feel it necessary to buy fire-maged weapons (notably, the Kryst O'Ball), which can be costly.


Soft caps
Characteristic 1 for 1 2 for 1 3 for 1 4 for 1 5 for 1
Intelligence 0-100 100-200 200-300 300-400 400 - ∞

Your focus is, of course, Intelligence. Even when it costs 3 characteristic points, it is still the stat to level. Almost all, if not all characteristic points should go into Intelligence for a long time.

Some Intelligence Fecas may like to put points into Vitality for the extra HP, or even Strength for equipment options. If possible, it is usually preferred to gain these through equipment and/or scrolling, rather than spending characteristic points.


"Core" SpellsEdit

These spells are used almost unanimously by Intelligence Feca, and should usually be maxed as soon as possible.

Intelligence Feca "core" spells
Icon Name Level Element Short description
Natural Attack Natural Attack 1 Fire
Ranged Fire attack.
Earth Armour Earth Armour 1 Earth
Reduces Neutral and Earth damage.
Glowing Armour Glowing Armour 9 Fire
Reduces Fire damage.
Immunity Immunity 21 Reduces all damage for 1 turn.
Use when your shields go down, and/or to cast Burning Glyph in tight quarters.
Burning Glyph Burning Glyph 70 Fire
High Fire damage glyph.
Becomes your main source of damage. Level immediately.
Feca Shield Feca Shield 80 Reduces damage from all elements by %.
Paralysing Glyph Paralysing Glyph 90 Strong MP loss glyph.

Note: Due to some updates, Cloudy Attack is no longer a Fire-element spell - that's why Natural Attack remains the key intelligence-based Feca spell.

"Flavor" SpellsEdit

The following spells are used with varying degrees of frequency and emphasis. Even if you level all of the "Core" spells as soon as possible, you will have spell points left over at various stages. Spend these on the spells in this section which interest you, in whichever order seems best.

Other class spells of interest
Icon Name Level Element Short description
Reinforced Protection Reinforced Protection Trade for Doploons N/A Reduces damage by % for low AP cost.
Aggressive Glyph Aggressive Glyph 1 Fire
Doesn't deal as much damage as Burning Glyph, but costs same amount of AP and does not require line of sight. Much wider range.
Spell Rebound Spell Rebound 3 N/A Reflects an offensive spell back to the caster. Crucial for PvP.
Aqueous Armour Aqueous Armour 17 Water
Reduces Water damage and increases % AP resistance. Crucial for PvP.
Shiver Shiver 26 Air
Attracts enemies and deals Air damage in a cone.
Glyph of Blindness Glyph of Blindness 54 Weak/versatile AP loss glyph.
Teleglyph Teleglyph 60 Teleports the caster several squares.
Glyph of Repulsion Glyph of Repulsion 100 Fire
Fire Water
Water Earth
Deals fire, water, and earth damage. Unlike the other glyphs, it acts at the end of one's turn. Has wide range and good to use on characters who can lock enemies.

Note: If you intend to get involved in PvP, Aqueous Armour and Shiver are very important. In PvM, not having them will limit your options in monsters to fight, but allow you to focus on other spells (making you stronger against the things you do fight). Aqueous Armour is arguably more useful than Shiver, as AP tends to be more important than MP (especially to a class that usually stands, unconcerned, with monsters on all sides).

Spell Guide To Level 101Edit

Basic Feca Skills

  • Level 5 Earth Armour - From Lvl 1-11
  • Level 5 Natural Attack - From lvl 11-21
  • Level 5 Aqueous Armour - From lvl 21-31
  • Level 5 Shiver - From lvl 31-41
  • Level 5 Glowing Armour - From lvl 41-51
  • Level 5 Teleglyph - From 51-61
  • From level 61-71 ---> Save your points
  • Level 5 Burning Glyph - From lvl 71-81 ( You should be able to have lvl 5 burning glyph at lvl 71 since you saved points )
  • Level 5 Feca Shield - From level 81-91
  • Level 5 Paralysing Glyph - From 91-101
  • Level 6 Natural Attack at Level 101

Leveling guideEdit

See the general Leveling guide.

Specific buildsEdit


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