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Fire Kwak Set PiecesEdit

Type/Level/Name Effects
Fire Kwakamulet

Amulet (42)
Fire Kwakamulet

Fire Kwakelt

Belt (41)
Fire Kwakelt

Fire Kwakoboots

Boots (40)
Fire Kwakoboots

Fire Kwape

Cloak (41)
Fire Kwape

Fire Kwak Headdress

Hat (41)
Fire Kwak Headdress

Fire Kwakring

Ring (42)
Fire Kwakring

Fire Bwak

Pet (1)
Fire Bwak

0~80 HP or
0~20% Fire Resistance Fire square
Fire Kwakblade

Sword (41)
Fire Kwakblade

  • 5 AP
  • Damage : 16~25 Fire
  • Crit. Hit Bonus: 5
  • Crit. Hit: 1/50
Intelligence > 50, Vitality > 50

Fire Kwak Set BonusEdit

8 items equipped
7 items equipped
6 items equipped
5 items equipped
4 items equipped
3 items equipped
2 items equipped

Complete Fire Kwak Set EffectsEdit

Not including direct bonuses from Fire Bwak (pet), since they vary, but considering that there is one equipped, therefore granting the 8 pieces bonus.

Characteristics Attack Defense Miscellaneous



The Fire Bwak (pet) piece is dropped by Fire Kwakere.


Fire Kwak Set is crafted by Jeweller, Tailor, Shoemaker & Sword Smith Professions. To craft all pieces of this set you will need:

Amount Item
42 Fire Kwak Feather
104 Kwak Claws
10 Ronin Chafer Thighbone
14 Primitive Chafer Helmet
4 Undergrowth Substrate
17 Tofu Feather
9 Batofu Feather
27 Fire Kwak Beak
3 Bakelelite
17 Vilinsekt Antennae
9 Kickroach Leg
14 Red Scaraleaf Wings
9 Golden Scarabugly Carapace
15 Red Scaraleaf Carapace
1 Golden Scarabugly Entrails
12 Red Scaraleaf Antennae
4 Fireworm
10 Golden Scarabugly Antennae
13 Kwoan Eye
10 Boostoplasm

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