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First Weapons is a quest available in Incarnam.



Mmm, a Cra. I can see from a distance you're talented. A good bow, a nice, straight sightline and WHCHHHTBING!...your enemies are stuck to the wall! You'll love it. Wait there, I've got something real special for you.


Hello young Ecaflip. I know that your class is addicted to dangerous adventures. If you really want to bring your life into the bargain, I've got something that's tight up our street. Are you ready to take some big risks, young one?


Ah an Eniripsa disciple! I'm happy to see that some still choose the difficult path of healing. Your strength is not in harrassing and slaughtering your are no ordinary warrior, child, so your task is no ordinary one. Good luck to you. The path you have chosen will lead you to glory.


Hey there, Enutrof Friend! Fighting isn't your strong point, have you noticed? Ha... when you are a bit more experienced and your god has blessed you with strength, you'll be fearsome. Until then, here's a little task you can carry out for me.


A Feca! Like the rising and falling tide, your wisdom has a gentle but devastating force. I admire your god's protecting talents - truly the master of guardians. You, however, have far to go child. I have a task that will help you become stronger...


Look who's coming... a Iop warrior! Ah yes, the glory-hunters... everyone wants to be an Iop! All the same, I'm in need of a close combat expert.


Sensible Masqueraider souls are becoming more and more difficult to find, these days. I'll soon put that right for you by making you confront some little creatures. It will be good training.


Hey there young Osamodas! Did you come here alone? How strange! Usually your type wanders abroad with summoned creatures by their side. Well, it's not for me to decide, but I do advise you summon a companion for the task I ask of you.


Hello, young Pandawa! Wait one minute... Show me your eyes! Not too sober yet... Perfect! In this state, you'll have no problem beating the hell out of your enemies. Take a good, strong axe, a few bottles of the good stuff... and fight!


Well, well, well... A freshly incarnated Rogue soul, ready to run wild. I hope you've already got some bombs on you because I'm going to need you to pulverise the creatures that infest this region.


Hi! Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you... ah ah ah sorry for the bad joke. I know that Sacriers, usually demand an eye for an eye, if not two. That's a good thing. I don't need cheek turners... I need cheek... eh... tearers. I can see in your eyes you're game!


Aha! A Sadida. Will you persevere, young one? A mastery of the creation of living things awaits your soft, shaking hands. You will achieve great things. I need someone like you right now. Use your powers to summon a band of creatures...then kill the parasites infesting the region.


May the shadows conceal you, good Sram! That how your kind greet one another, isn't it? You prefer to lurk in the shadows... I know the nothing more than slipping a knife firmly into an unsuspecting back...Just what I'm looking for!


Xelor, time master, creator of the Amaknean Calendar. Xelor's path makes for a difficult journey, but a fulfilling one. I'll help you improve your skills... they are still strange to you, young one.

And what should I do?
It's nothing too difficult for you to do. You must rid the region of these parasite creatures. I wrote down in your questbook what you have to do. Enjoy the hunting!
(The actual monster to defeat varies with your class)

Step One: Prove yourself Edit

As you're new in the area, locals need to make sure they can trust you.

  • Defeat monster in one fight:
1xYoung Black Gobbly:Cra, Ecaflip, Iop
1xYoung White Gobbly:Enutrof, Rogue, Sadida, Sram, Masqueraider
1xYoung Arachnee:Eniripsa, Sacrier, Pandawa
1xFearful Moskito:Feca, Osamodas, Xelor

See, it was not that hard. Do not hesitate to practice! Only the best ones get their god's favours.