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Gathering information for the profession fisherman.


Fisherman can gather a variety of fish found in lakes, seas and rivers. Higher profession level unlocks new types of fish.



This table shows basic experience. The actual experience you gain depends on number of stars on a fishing spot.

Level XP Resource Rare drop
1 5 Gudgeon Kiye Gudgeon
10 6 Grawn Horror Grawn
20 7 Trout Ancestral Trout
30 8 Crab Surimi Exotic Crab Surimi
40 9 Kittenfish Tigerfish
50 10 Breaded Fish Igloo Fish
60 11 Ediem Carp Small Sandy Carp
70 12 Shiny Sardine Dark Sardine
80 13 Pike Tupe-Halett Pike
90 14 Kralove Unique Kralove
100 15 Eel Rock Eel
110 16 Grey Sea Bream Royal Sea Bream
120 17 Perch Kittenperch
130 18 Blue Ray Farle's Ray
140 19 Monkfish Humonkfish
150 20 Sickle-Hammerhead Shark Open-Market Shark
160 21 Lard Bass Siktrin Bass
170 22 Cod Bearded Cod
180 23 Tench Haunted Tench
190 24 Swordfish Quixote Swordfish
200 X Icefish Frozen Icefish

Gathering TimeEdit

The gathering time is the same for all fishes and follows the same pattern as other professions.


Fishing always yields one fish, except in the case of when there are five yellow or red stars at the spot due to the multiplier. Once a fisherman reaches level 20 in the profession, they may encounter resource protectors that drop bags of fish. The type of fish caught no longer varies and is labeled.

See the talk page for the discussion on which fish drops in a given area, and participate in the Fishing Research study.


See Fishing locations

Contest SnappersEdit

Contest Snappers are only found at the pool at Sufokia [15,25]. They can only be fished using Magic Snapper Fishing Rod. The Snappers themselves are mostly useless (The only things you can do with them are sell for 1 kama each or feed to a Mount), but the supply is nearly endless, so this is a very good place for early fishermen who don't mind losing out on a few gudgeons.

Unfortunately, you can only fish for contest snappers at the Schwimming Pool until level 20.

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