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Flip Flap
Area Otomai Island
Flip Flap
Location Grassy Plains
Coords (-56,22)
Options Talk

Flip Flap is an NPC.


Before completing Another Means of Transport

Hello! I'm Flip Flap, like the noise from a Scaraleaf's wings... Isn't that a funny name for a Scarplane pilot? Scarplanes are tamed Scaraleaves which have been trained to fly long distances. We sometimes add wooden wings and wheels for landing.

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I've dreamt of something better than Scaraleaves for years now. I wish I could try a Dragoturkeys... They're faster, more docile and seem more intelligent than my Scaraleaves. If you bring me back a certificate for a Ginger Dragoturkey and one for an Almond Dragoturkey, I'll let you use my Scarplane as much as you like!
After completing Another Means of Transport

Which Scarport do you want to go?

Scaeroport of Breeder Village
Scaeroport of The Coastal Village
Scaeroport of Tree Keeholo





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