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Flowers Secret Route refers to a secret path on [-4,-12] (in the Edge of the Treechnid Forest) leading you to a pair of maps with plants and trees. Its main features are its rare harvestable resources, as well as the chance to find some monsters not usually found in Treechnid Forest.


  • Walk into the mine entrance at [-4,-12] (note that all maps from here will have the same coords) and leave at the other end of the tunnel using the ladder.
  • Each successive map on the path has a number of holes. You need to jump in the correct hole to land in a new tunnel leading to the next map.
  • Jumping into a wrong hole drops you in a cross-shaped tunnel with Major Arachnees, and a ladder that takes you to the start again.
  • Use the maps below to guide you. Be careful though as there are 'fake' holes which you may fall into.

Map 1Edit

Flowers Secret Route 1

Map 2Edit

Flowers Secret Route 2

Map 3Edit

Flowers Secret Route 3

Map 4Edit

Flowers Secret Route 4

Map 5Edit

Flowers Secret Route 5

Orchid & Clover MapEdit

Flowers Secret Route 6

Tree MapEdit

Flowers Secret Route 7





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