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Royal Gobball's Court
Difficulty 1 Easy
Area Astrub
Subarea Tainela
Coords [2,-34]
Key used to enter Key to the Royal Gobball's Court
Accepts Bunch of Keys Yes
Rewards Bow Meow
Exclusive monsters Royal Gobball
Other details F2P Dungeon

Royal Gobball's Court is a dungeon.

Formerly known as Gobball Dungeon.


Royal Gobball's Court is found at [2,-34] in Tainela.


Entry requires giving a Key to the Royal Gobball's Court to Rotable the Shepherd, which is consumed.


Mobs do not vary. Challenging is possible.

Gobball Dungeon Room 1

Room 1

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Gobball Dungeon Room 2

Room 2

Room 2Edit

Gobball Dungeon Room 3

Room 3

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Gobball Dungeon Room 4

Room 4

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Gobball Dungeon Room 5

Room 5

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Upon completing the dungeon players will receive a Bow Meow.

It is also the only place to find Royal Gobball.

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