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Area Amakna
Location Amakna Castle
Coords [4,-7]
Options Talk

Gobwalina is an NPC.



Hello there, I'm Gobwalina, one of the most famous Gobbowl players in Amakna. I've even trained King Allister's official team. Would you like me to give you a tour of our Gobbowl field?

Take the tour of the Gobbowl field. (Teleports you to [10,10])

At [10,10]

Do you want me to go along with you to Allister's castle?

Go to Allister's Castle. (Teleports you to [4,-7])
Learn more about the Gobbowl rules.

Long, long ago, the sport of Gobbowl was dear to the hearts of the Amaknean people. It went like this - two teams of five took each other on and tried to fire as many Gobballs as they could into the opposing team's cages.
Everything was rosy till the society for the prevention of cruelty to Gobballs started sticking their noses in our business. These days, we usually pick one player to stand in for the wooly devils, but some players still prefer to use summoned Gobballs.

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There are three main rules you must remember to play this game. First of all, the Gobball must not die! If one team kills a Gobball, no matter whether it's by accident or on purpose, the player's team will be disqualified.
Apart from that, nearly everything is allowed, but if you kill someone on the other team, you'll have to leave the game. Trainers and substitutes have places by the field and a maximum of five players per team can be on the field at any one time. You can however change places with a substitute. Oh and by the way, anyone who's not on the field of play must keep out of the game!

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Now you know what's what, you're ready to play. So you'll need two teams of five players and one victim to play the Gobball. Failing this, a summoned Gobball will do the trick. By the way, the rules I've explained to you aren't exactly set in stone... there's no such thing as the Amaknan Gobball Federation or anything! Decide among yourselves, and enjoy the game!