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Green Piwi Set ElementsEdit

Type/Level/Name Effects
Amulet (7)
Green Piwi Amulet
Belt (9)
Green Piwi Belt
Boots (11)
Green Piwi Sandals
Cloak (10)
Green Piwi Cape
Hat (8)
Green Piwi Hat
Ring (12)
Green Piwi Ring

Green Piwi Set BonusEdit

Number of items equipped:

Items Bonus
1 None
2 +20 Agility
3 +30 Agility
4 +40 Agility
5 +40 Agility, +3 Air Damage
6 +40 Agility, +3 Air Damage, +1 Range

Complete Green Piwi Set EffectEdit

Characteristics Attack Defense Miscellaneous

==Notes==This set is good to use for really low level characters that deal air damage early (like agi Sacriers), if they can't get Young Adventurer Set or even Boon Set.