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Gwenolaz Barnumuze
Area Astrub
Gwenolaz Barnumuze
Location Astrub City
Coords (1,-15)
Options Talk

Gwenolaz Barnumuze is an NPC.



Boohoo! *She holds back a big sob!*

Ask her what the matter is

My squirrel escaped again! *Boohoo*.
He runs away all the time... And I'm sick of it! I put a 'wanted notice' on every tree for miles around... Go and read it first. If you see him in Astrub please try to catch him... you can be sure he'll fight back, but only cos he's frightened...he's lovely, really. I don't know why the Bow Meows are so scared of him...

End dialogue.


Judging from what she says, it is most likely that Akornaddikt the Squirrel is her lost squirrel.

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