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Harry Stottel
Area Amakna
Harry Stottel
Location Amakna Village
Coords [4,1]
Details Inside Library
Options Talk, Buy/Sell

Harry Stottel is an NPC.



Shush! Quiet! You're in a library here. If you need a book, ask me. But no talking! Sssshhh, I said no talking. Go and sit down but don't make a sound.
I don't want to hear another peep out of you'
Not even a whisper.




What do you want now?

Point out that two alchemy books are missing

It's true that the Annex volumes of the Encyclopaedia of Alchemy cannot be found. The same goes for the new editions that should have arrived here. The rumour is that these precious manuscripts are discreetly stolen from under our noses. The thieves find them useful, no doubt... but for what?


Item Price (Kamas)
The Legend of Crocoburio 150
The Legend of the Cruncher 150
The Treechnids Forest 150
First Christmas 50
Secrets of the Squirrel's Language 50
The Duciel Family 50
The Kwistmas Gift 50


Features in


Harry Stottel is a pun on Aristotle, a Greek philosopher.

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